Seeing Sensibly

Hubble Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). 8000 ly away & 10 ly across. Big, blue  & beautiful. WOW! The Space Telescope extends our senses, so we see sights scarcely imaginable. The Bubble Nebula
Looking closer to home: Humans are daring mighty things, again, with Starshot solar sailing to the Alpha Centauri star system. SpaceX lands its rocket at sea – 8 April 2016 – another amazing human step into the future.
Starshot solar sailing to the Alpha Centauri star system - Humans daring mighty things SpaceX lands its rocket booster at sea
Back on Earth, how is science going? Science is still slowly getting beaten-back-into-shape. Science Broken: Replication Crisis Widens -1st psychology/nutrition/medicine, next climate? Even “popular” energy resources are being questioned: Solar Stocks Suddenly Subsiding = Risky Business? Is the future solar or shale?
Science Broken - Replication Crisis Widens Solar Stocks Suddenly Subsiding - Is the future solar or shale
How about what the humans are putting into their bodies? Well, worldwide nutrition advice is a-changing: Nutrition Advice Failure Worldwide – 60yrs evidenceless high carb, low fat, sugar OK “fad”- an excellent historical perspective. Even movie stars’ “expert keep healthy” advice is under scrutiny. Good!
Nutrition Advice Failure Worldwide for 50 years    Health Advice from Movie Clebrities = Fraudulent Science
Even what’s being put into young human minds is being criticized: Concept Creep in “bullying/prejudice” at university begins in school where feelings = facts.  Longtime coddling of children does not produce robust citizens: Academic freedom = teachers challenge their students by seeking out opposing viewpoints.
Bullying, Trauma & Prejustice seen as concept creep in universities because in high schools feelings determine facts  Academic Freedom - scholars and teachers should encourage students to debate opposing viewpoint letting the marketplace of ideas sort them out
Finally (& a real “tipping-point”?), Greens are being castigated for their unsightly behaviour … by fellow Greens: “Are Evironmentalists BAD for the Environment of Environmentalism?” questions HuffPost Green. The Green flip-flop mind changing on energy is harming the humans & the environment – says Eco-Modernist “New-Green” author. One could wonder why we continually listen to them over all these years. Hmm …
Environmentalists bad for the environment Environmentalists keep changing thier minds on what is good for the environment
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Sunny Side Up

Ceres livens up. Dawn’s  newly unvielded Ceres video shows our new world dwarf planet, on our doorstep, just out beyond Mars. What a wonder waiting for us humans! WOW! :-)
Ceres Occator crater  Ceres Unvieled - NASA JPL video  Inside the Earth, the debate about Core-Mantle boundary “continents” hots up in 2016, as Jason & Tuzo evidence rises with plumes. Inner-inner core iron crystal “city” phases too?
Core Mantel Plumes continents - Jason and Tuzo   Core Mantel Plumes continents - Jason and Tuzo on world map   Core Mantel Plumes book
On Earth: Renewables (declining in Europe for years) go belly-up? SunEdison: “One of the largest developers of renewable energies worldwide, especially photovoltaic, could be in bankruptcy, losing $11 billion in debts. Spanish worldwide renewables giant Arboga files for bankruptcy too, with $16.48 billion debts. Californian Ivanpah solar mirror plant loses taxpayers $2.2 billion. But, Greenpeace says: Cleantech going up: Japan, Canada, China binge [taxpayer $billions] on greens. Which is evidence, which is emotion? Which is a threatening/extreme/passionately-held/minority viewpoint? Break out the popcorn :-)
 Renewables declining in Europe Californian Solar Mirror Power Plant broken
Future Nuclear…in Asia? China, Japan & South Korea supplying nuclear to Argentina, Brazil, Egypt & Jordan. Will the West follow or still be mired in fear? Will the Swedes “go collectively mad”  & in 2020 shut down ALL their nuclear, then buy in Baltic brown coal? However, looking on the bright side, the world is now safer then ever, with nukes dropping rapidly ;-)  Data shows fast human progress not regress.
Nuclear Future in Asia Nukes Declining world wide
We humans are being more self-critical too. And that’s good! Evidence-based medicine ≠ Finance-based medicine: 20% GDP spending on health care = health risk. Science & Reason opposes schools/universities/academics banning “extreme” opposing viewpoints.
Medicine, evidence-based is not finance-based

Science and reason questioning Academics labelling opposing viewpoints as extreme and so shutting them down
So, it’s taken us about 100 years for the 3Rs (readin’, ‘ritin’,’rithmetic) to flood through the world’s schools and out into the world’s adults. Let’s push now for the 4th R = reasonin’ to become embedded globally by 2100. If the majority, authority & emotional  logical fallacies are pointed out in our arguments, then we should make sure we have the strength of mind not use them again a few seconds later. The same goes for willingly using other logical fallacies and ignoring counter evidence. Let’s keep on pushing towards our bright reason-based future with a 4Rs-using global population.

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Reasoning Rising

Whooaa! It looks like LIGO got lucky. Gravitational waves detected after 100yrs of predictions. Great scientific method search & discovery.
LIGO detects gravitational waves from 2 merging black holes 1.3 billion light years away
7 billion people on Earth, 3.6 billion with little or no electricity & Earth Hour-ers burn oil candles in the dark to “raise awareness” about our healthy blooming planet keeping “them” there. From Children’s Crusades to Witch Hunts to Eugenics to … Lets aim higher.
Human Achievement Hour - making our world better for ALL humans and now
Electricity - 3.6 billion with little or none         Human Achievement Hour - making ALL humans better
As reason rises in the world so too does optimism and intellectual freedom.
Poverty declining rapidly     Optimism - small but growing
Schools are for questioning everything
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Best Year Ever Again, Continuing Trend

Happy Hominans,
Well well well, we’ve won once again :-)
Optimism 1 Optimism 2
Let’s review the year. How are the humans going? The world is getting richer: poverty drops to single digits (9.8%) down to 700 million, even with a growing population. Food Glut: record food harvests & low prices = feeding future billions (one?) on less land with less fertilizers. Lifespans worldwide are up. The Great Enrichment (unplanned prosperity) continues apace, says Deirdre McCloskey, by individual humans specializing, innovating & freely networking. Great!
Food Glut with record low prices on less fertilizers Extreme Poverty lowest ever - 9.8% down to 700 million peopleFAO food index dropping means cheaper food for all Food Glut 2016
How about the cuddly little animals? The walrus seem to be happy :-) : “Pacific Walrus populations “increased from 50,000 to 100,000 animals in the late 1950s to more than 250,000 animals by 1985,” and they are believed to have now reached their maximum carrying capacity. Svalbard polar bears are “fat as pigs” & up 42%, even with their ice poor Barents Sea. Bees are still thriving and nature rebounding. Peak cropland, peak farming, forest transition and nature rebound are spreading across the globe.
Walrus rebounding and back historical levels in the Pacific Polar Bears - fat as pigs Bees used for green masters perposes Nature rebounding across the globe
And the pretty plants? The Sahel desert is greening again, from more CO2, leading to increased plant water use efficiency. Earth’s green biomass is rising and increasing crop yields by 10-15%.
    Biosphere Biomass increasing Greening Earth
And how is Earth’s biosphere going (Gaia to Greens)? The 18 year 9 month global temp pause (cooling?) continues, even with increasing CO2.  Arctic ice is thickening and the deep oceans are still cold & alkaline.  The new Eco-Modernist Manifesto even welcomes humans back to Earth: “human prosperity and an ecologically vibrant planet are not only possible, but also inseparable”  That’s an improvement! ;-)
Gaia Ecomodernist Manifesto - belatedly waking up and welcoming humans Global Warning flat from 1997 to 2016
Energy prices drop worldwide (good for poor people) as the fracking (shale-gas/oil) revolution goes global & produces an oil glut. China races ahead with 100 advanced nuclear reactors to 2025, 400 to 2050, at 1/3 cost & in 1/2 time as in the West.
Oil Glut as Fracking Revolution takes over Chinese Future Nuclear Map
Democracy– up; child safety – superb; war deaths-flatlined; homicides- drop. That’s good!
Democracy beats Autocracy in todays world Children become safer and safer War deaths decrease and stay down worldwide Homicides decrease around the world
This calls for a song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 
 Homo naledi and the Underground Astronaut who found him - Lindsay Hunter
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when. Sometimes I never want to see you again.  

I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear.
You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, still the one — and I wouldn’t switch. 
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note

This optimistic evidence is now getting out to humans: Hans Rosling – Don’t trust The Media to understand the world, check facts & arguments yourself. Matt Ridley & Steven Pinker just won the Munk Debates arguing that humankind’s best days lie ahead.  And 5 data scientists become world famous for showing that facts can win over fear.
Hans Rosling - Do not trust The Media if you want to understand the world World is much better now and will continue - Ridley and Pinker win debate  Optimistic Scientists with data to prove it
We caring humans, are still too often tricked into destructive baseless beliefs by fear & righteous emotions from deep down in our ancient lion-in-the-grass African savannah brains, … as our world bounds into a fantastic 21stC future. But even this problem is being solved, with Homo sapiens (& school children :-)) more often using critical thinking to check evidence & arguments with the scientific method and logical reasoning.
Failure How Science Succeeds - Stuart Firestein City of the Future - Shinjuku, Tokyo with park Curiosity Selfie - Namib Dune - January 2016
These failures are our road to success as we humans move into Green green megacities, leaving wilderness blooming & nature rebounding, while we achieve mighty things, on our journey to reaching the nearby stars.
Fantastic Future  Trend Watching Brady

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The Sense of Scientific Style

Steven Pinker (p6): Today’s writers are infused with the spirit of scientific skepticism and the ethos of questioning authority. They rightly expect reasons for any advice foistered upon them. WOW! Mars, our next home. Below: Mars – sol 1197: (left) Gale meteorite crater wall; (centre) Namib sand dune slipface; (right) Mt Sharp central crater peak where the Curiosity Rover (stretched at bottom) is going in New Year 2016. Or, maybe safer not to wander back to planet “wildernesses”. Colonies around Mars’ moons Phobos & Deimos?
Mars - Gale Crater - (left) meteorite crater wall (centre) Namib sand dune slipface (right) Mt Sharp central crater peak - where the Cusiosity Rover (bottom - stretched) is going New Year 2016 Phobos Base Camp  PADME Mars Satellite  Phobos orbiting space colony
Steven Pinker (p29): Classic Style’s motive is disinterested truth. The writer, he just needs to present it, the reader is competent and can recogognize the truth when she sees it, as long as she is given an unobstructed view. Svalbard polar bears are “fat as pigs” & up 42%, even with their ice poor Barents Sea. Maybe dining on walrus? :-)  Walrus are booming too, back to maximum 1890s levels. However, the US Sea & Sky dept (NOAA) says too little sea ice is causing decreases in polar bears and walrus. Hmm …
Polar Bears on Svalbad - autumn 2015 - fat as pigs
Here we have contradictory Global Warming worriers saying: Bacon is better than lettuce & lettuce is better than bacon, as the world cools? And a massive cloud global cooling process was discovered before the Paris Climate Deal, any more unknowns? Then the overjoyed shouted: Paris Climate Success! But with no goals, controls nor money & all can opt out in 4 yrs before 2020 start. Then the namecalling began. Any scientific style here?
Organic Contradictions 1 - Lettuce better than Bacon  Organic Contradictions 2 - Bacon better than Lettuce
Are even some hard sciences needing more style? – Unscientific: Strings, Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation are not verifiable but they are worth doing anyway, say String theorists. How long to wait for an hypothesis to be tested? 1000yrs? Is String Theory, the Multiverse and the Anthropic Principle just Media popular: stopping funding for other good ideas?
Unscientific - Strings, Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation, Anthropic Principle - or not verifiable but worth doing anyway
University students are still righteously blocking campus free speech saying it’s offensive and sexual harrassment (WTF!) University profs lean heavily politically Left but claim no bias in their research nor teaching. University admin replace intelligence, knowledge & learning with student happiness. Online-distance courses boom. Now that makes sense.
Nano Sculptures Sense of Style - Steven Pinker
The sense of scientific style exudes from these 2015 nano-sculptures. Here astounding science and beautiful art mix. Evidence supports emotions, feelings are based on facts and all data is laid bare for drawing conclusions. So, from the miniscule to the Martian, lets have the style to be even more human … & dare mighty things in 2016.
Scientific Style Sense Seeking Brady

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Prudently Preventing Prevention

Our vast world awaits. Leda 1852 a 330 million light year distant mid-void galaxy shines symmetrically like an untouched mid blue Pacific Ocean island jewel. Curiosity rover on rust red Mars reaches towering black Bagnold Dune #1. As Saturn’s Cassini probe deep dives through moon Enceladus’ organic bearing geyser plumes. What a wonder world!
Leda 1852 galaxy - the lonliest void galaxy
Bagnold Dunes on Mars       Enceladus Flyby - 28 Oct 2015
What’s up, down on Earth? Well, war deaths are down, as are hurricanes & global temps. Oil prices are also diving down as a (permanent?) Oil Glut floods markets as the Fracking Revolution takes hold, so the Greens are down too :-) However Nuclear Energy is taking off in China, with Western nuclear supporting voices rising. Perhaps prudently preventing prevention is a positive sign. Even space mining is being legalized. That’s definitely up!
Wars Deaths declining rapidly Oil Glut as Fracking Revolution takes over  Chinese Future Nuclear Map Space Mining legalizing
What else do we try to prevent but now seems useless or worse? Ban Lego for boys: Gender Equality ideology goes batsh*t crazy? Or just its natural next step? Bike helmet laws: feel-good & misguided & don’t reduce head injuries – bicycle lanes better. Robert Aronowitz in Risky Medicine exposes our excessive fear of medical uncertainty, such as with excessive HPV vaccines, men’s PSA scans & women’s mammograms: conflating risks with the disease eg. lowing life quality by excising cancers that might kill us in 400 years.
Lego banned for boys in the ideology of gender equality Bike Helmet Laws misguided Risky Medicine - Aronowitz 2015
Anything else getting better? Well, world optimism is gaining ground. Matt Ridley & Steven Pinker just won the Munk Debates arguing that humankind’s best days lie ahead.  And 5 data scientists become world famous for showing that facts can win over fear.
World is much better now and will continue - Ridley and Pinker win debate  Optimistic Scientists with data to prove it
Possibly Preventing Pessimism Brady

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The Great Enrichment

Ooooo, we’re getting closer. Saturn’s moon Encleadus gets deep-dived by the Cassini spacecraft, over its north and south poles (49km), looking for organics from its oceans. Humans have just completed surveying the Solar System, now the colonization stage begins. Onward to Mars! Enriching our species with knowledge, as is the human’s niche.
Enceladus global ocean       Enceladus- north pole crater floors bulging from ice crust flowing over warmer core
Solar System survey completed - now the colonization stage begins
Enough of this exploration nonsense!;-)What’s happening with real people in Earth’s mud? Well, the world is getting richer: poverty drops to single digits (9.8%) down to 700 million, even with a growing population. Food Glut: record food harvests & low prices = feeding future billions (one?) on less land with less fertilizers. Lifespans worldwide are up. Great!
Food Glut with record low prices on less fertilizers Extreme Poverty lowest ever - 9.8% down to 700 million peopleFAO food index dropping means cheaper food for all Life expectancy at birth by country 1543-2011
How is the politicized science going? UNs Paris 21st “caringclimate meeting should be fun. The 18yr global temp pause(cooling?) continues, even with increasing CO2; Arctic ice is thickening and the deep oceans are still cold & alkaline. But watch the $1.5 trillion sing, like Ulysses’ sirens on the rocks. A bit of critical thinking wax might help, or maybe not :-)
Scientists fooling themselves - and how they can stop it Data hiding equal scientific misconduct
How about wayward scientists? Well, Nicole Janz is whipping them into shape: Hiding data = breaking professional standards = scientific misconduct. And no-raw-data-required Nature Journal is reluctantly joining inHumans are remarkably good at self-deception. But growing concern about reproducibility is driving many researchers to seek ways to fight their own worst instincts. As Feynman says: you [scientists] are the easiest to fool.
Boat Out - leaving glacial Lake Ekoln, Sweden -up the Fyris River, Uppsala for drydocking over winter - Sun 10 Oct 2015 By Steppe Desert and Ocean - Barry Cunliffe - Nov 2015 - humans migrating across Europe for the last 10000 year - not EU border friendly
The Great Enrichment (unplanned prosperity) continues apace, says Deirdre McCloskey, by individual humans specializing, innovating & freely networking, mostly despite the policies of Big Gov, Big Enviro, Big Business etc. So, its time to relax on these calm autumn days and marvel at our 10 000 BC humans spreading out over the mighty Eurasian continent, as we are now doing out into interplanetary space.
Enriching Brady

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