Try Try Again

NASAs new NExSS institute aims high, looking for life near & far, trying to break its 50yr losing streak. Astrobiology: scientific method based? … or, if no life found after a 100yrs then, a “religious” $$$ making belief in theNotePromised LandNote? :-)
NExSS - searching for life on other planets in other galaxies
Future Perfect:NoteBound to drive them wildNote Steven Johnson’s distributed peer networks show a more human (internet-trailblazed) way for a self-running productive society. Fun times ahead. Nick Lane’s explaining life as proton gradients producing order via excess energy comes scientifically nearer to “finding” life than NASA. Peer networks better again.
Future Perfect by Steven Johnson 2014   Peer Networks in our evolving in society   Life - The Vital Question - proposes the conservation of energy is the basis of the life
Spring cleaning 21stC science continues, as Science Direct complains: “The pollution of science and medicine by plagiarism, fraud, and predatory publishing is corroding the reliability of research,” and as Junk Food Science continues: “Nowadays, all of us are on our own to question everything, seek out original sources and do our own fact-checking, research and critical thinking. You’ll be surprised at how much of what “everyone knows” is not true.”
Extinction Alarmists becoming extinct  Extinction evidence points to only 5 mass extinctions not 6
Extinction alarmists going extinct? Aeon Magazine now complains it is not species but decreasing populations we should fear. Moving-the-Goalposts logical fallacy in action?Political Myths abound, explains Roger Pielke Jnr, about science and technology in the economy and broader society. Data show the politically manufactured Green Revolution in 1966s “starving” India was really in famine-free conditions but used as “evidence” for the overpopulation “problem”. Oh well. Today population fears continue, now its the West’s aging populations, ignoring evidence of the growing 2.1+ children trend in richer societies.
Famine free 1966 India receives food shipments from USA to keep up the overpopulation myth  Population Fears - this time its aging
So, humans, If at first you don’t succeed …”, lets keep the vision high. Lets look for life everywhere, care for our populations and planet. But lets also keep our feet on the ground, mired in evidence based on the scientific method and logical arguments. So we may soon find that life down here is happy and that the advanced intelligent life out there is  … us. :-)
Interstellar film - Cooper Station - cylindrical spinning space colony
Trying Brady

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Achieving Aims

7 billion people on Earth, 3.6 billion with little or no electricity & Earth Hour-ers burn oil candles in the dark to “raise awareness” about our healthy and blooming planet … keeping “them” there. From Children’s Crusades to Witch Hunts to Eugenics to … Lets aim higher.
Human Achievement Hour - making our world better for ALL humans and now
Electricity - 3.6 billion with little or none         Human Achievement Hour - making ALL humans better
Our fossil fuel and food demonizingeco-loons” are again in full retreat this month: “The next time that somebody at a rally against fossil fuels lectures you about her concern for the fate of her grandchildren, show her a picture of an African child dying today from inhaling the dense muck of a smoky fire.Apoplectic they went, against counter evidence.
Fossil Fuel fracking producing cheaper more abundant energy for the world Biomass burners missing out on fossil fuelled electricity so that enviros can feel-good about saving-the-planet Food production records are twice broken already in 2015 Food Nutrition fantasy advice
Food bonanzas rebreak 2015s predictions :”the world’s farmers have provided a growing population with more food per head, year after year, largely without cultivating extra land or using extra water or chemicals.” Time to crack down on enviro-ideologists so all can enjoy the cornucopia? Govt dietary “food plate” advice is facing heavy attacks: For decades, they’ve been told what to eat because “science says so.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be true.” Jon Stewart has fun with Govt Academy Dieticians too :-)
Food Dieticians get embarassed by straight talking Jon Stewart   Galileos Middle Finger -  Alice Dreger - science defending the scientific method in society
However some academy scientists are trying to distinguish the pursuit of knowledge from political ideology: Academic freedom is the freedom of the faculty to teach and speak out as the fruits of their research and scholarship dictate, even though their conclusions may be unpopular or contrary to public opinion.” The new Galileo’s Middle Finger also sets the science achievement bar high, as it should:  “the “stunningly lazy attitude toward precision and accuracy in many branches of academia”. In her view, chasing grants and churning out papers now take the place of quality and truth. It is a situation exacerbated by a media that can struggle when covering scientific controversies, and by strong pressures from activists with a stake in what the evidence might say.” Lets be better!
Aiming to Achieve Brady

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Whence Waves Wither

Big Bang BICEP2 bombs. Gravitational waves disappear under the withering skeptical gaze of the scientific method. A worrying disregard for the scientific method in some very senior scientists who really should know better” – Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Out of the dust arises this mezmerizing magnetic Van Gogh Starry Night of galactic polarised light.
Planck Satellite map 2015 - Milky Way galaxy and cosmic dust and magnetic fields
Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh - 1889   Galaxy dust polarised light
The relentless 21stC spring cleaning of the global scientific establishment continues apace. What pushes scientists to lie? dissects Japanese stem cell fraudster Ms Haruko Obokata. Fat, the food that keeps on giving. Investigator Nina Teicholtz’ results spur the US Gov to withdraw cholesterol warnings and UK Gov to rethink saturated fat advice. Government dietary fat recommendations were untested in any trial prior to being introduced.”
Stem Cell fraud reaches new heights with Japanese researcher Haruko Obokata Cholesterol advice scrapped after 30 years Fat food advice all in the brain and no real world evidence base Temperature adjusting up in  South America
Global Warming has just taken more body blows. World-UN Climate Panel chief Pachauri  resigns amid sexual harassment police charges. US Congress to investigate NASA & NOAA tampering of world temperature records: cooling down the past & warming up the present. But hey, we all make some simple silly mistakes sometimes. Right? … Right? … Oh ….. Opposing our Dark Media, a bit of world optimism, orNote Black Velvet, if you pleaseNote :-)Democracy: up; child safety: superb; war deaths: flatlined; homicides: drop. That’s good!
Democracy beats Autocracy in todays world Children become safer and safer War deaths decrease and stay down worldwide Homicides decrease around the world
Paraphrasing Sweden’s Johan Norberg: Science & technology should be a place where innovations and ideas are protected from fear and hostility until they have had a chance to prove themselves, so we don’t lose experiments and knowledge to better our futures.
Whipping up the Withering Brady

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Best Year Ever & Again

Happy Hominans,
Well well well, we’ve won once again :-)
Optimism 1 Optimism 2
World cereal stocks at the close of crop seasons ending in 2015 would surge to 627.5 million tonnes, up 8.3 % from an already large volume at the start of the season and its highest level in 15 years.” and Compared with any time in the past half century, the world as a whole is today wealthier, healthier, happier, cleverer, cleaner, kinder, freer, safer, more peaceful and more equal.” 
Food harvests at record levels ... again Extreme weather deaths decreasing light happiness
This calls for a song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 
 Manot 1 calvaria skull piece - the oldest remains of modern humans
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when, Sometimes I never want to see you again,   I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear, You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, Still the one — and I wouldn’t switch,
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note

But hey, lets not let boring data replace scary stories. “Ocean Deaths Now!” scientivists’  Note hearts Note are jump-started back to the scientific method“biases; no evidence; not skeptical”. Even no-raw-data-required Nature science journal distances itself from ocean alarmists’ “groupthink”. However our PC media are still not with Charlie here.
Warm Bodies - The Number Don't Lie - Evidence jump-starts the group-thinking heart of Science  Ocean jellyfish not dying out or taking over the oceans  Charlie Free Speech rocks Science too
“2014: Warmest Ever!”
becomes: only 38% chance, after 1997 & 2005, not statistically significant, continuing cooling trend. Still warmer than the 1850s Little Ice Age. Great!        These sorts of Pathological Politicized Science and its Stealth Advocates are now being reined in with Honest Broker restraints in the EU & US. 
Warmest Year Ever becomes 3rd warmest and still cooling Honest Brokers try not to be Stealth Advocates Honest Brokers and Pathological Politicization of Science
So, let’s end the old and begin 2015 with this amazing image of stars like sand grains in our next door Andromeda Galaxy, on its way to meet us in 4 billion years. However, what with us making new worlds of Ceres (between Mars & Jupiter) and Pluto in 2015, & Kepler data narrowing in on Earth 2.0s, then maybe, with even more scientific optimism, Andromeda Galaxy stars up close and personal as never before
… we’ll visit these wonderful Andromeda worlds years sooner than that.
Aiming High Hominan Brady

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Bulk Brane Beings

Great thinking & Groupthink. Shooting to the stars & stuck-in-the-mud. Such are we humans. Well, we’re working at it. :-) On 5 Dec NASAs new Orion spacecraft completed its successful flight test, ready for asteroid mining. And building deep space habitats?
Orion space craft in successful test flight ready for deep space missions Image: Manned mission
Meanwhile, back in the mud, the CO2 OCO2 satellite, even with 1/8 year data & 15ppmv range, drives another stake into Global Warming, with CO2 red spots in Greenland etc. More garlic arriving in 2015? Greenpeace: Planet Saviour™, just redrew Peru’s most pristine 2000yr old Nazca Line, but .. can it recant? And the Swedish Postcode Lottery is one of their biggest donors. Oh well.
OCO2 Carbon Dioxide satellite - even now showing problems the man made global warming theory Greenpeace's new Nazca Lines - Dec 2014 to Dec 4014
British Medical Journal articles support again investigator Nina Teicholz’s claim of the evidence poor base of Govts’ food plates. “Many findings are entirely implausible … many of which present grossly implausible observational claims. Poor biomedical science … the great unreliability of most studies linking nutrition to disease and mortality, ..whether it’s total fat, saturated fat, trans fats, sugar, or salt.” So much human folly. :-(
Big Fat Surprise - how human folly advises human nutritionFat is an evidence equal on a nutritious dietVegetable oils correlate better with heart disease than fatsNutrition advised run by normal human group think and greed
Ocean “acidification”: Dr Feely’s (Obama & UN advisor) data shows post-1988 cherry picked computer modelled trend (pink line), leaving out 80 years of pH values (2.5 million points) showing natural varying alkaline oceans (grey & blue lines). Not good.  On an up note, the poison loving sea slug joins the list of 221 new 2014 animal and plants species. None extinct (nor likely) due to our cooling warming world. That’s good!
Ocean Acidification - Not. Red line is post 1988 computer modelled trend, blue line is all data Poison Loving Sea Slug - one of 221 newly discovered species
Meanwhile, saner voices (on video games & violence) were saying: This research may help society focus on issues that really matter and avoid devoting unnecessary resources to the pursuit of moral agendas with little practical value.” Good thinking to be more widely applied to other muddy Groupthink. And, more confidence for humans from our space faring enthusiasts: “The … reason for spreading into deep space … is … due to humanity’s desire for knowledge or adventure … humans both in the past and present are … bright enough to solve their own problems and build wondrous devices in the process … the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors and our present selves, who have done and learned some amazing things without any external assistance and beaten some very strong odds against us and our societies.”
Tesseract transports Cooper 10 billion light years back to Earth in a few minutes - Interstellar movie - exploring why gravity is so different from other object in our Universe Tesseract - 5th dimensional transport Black Hole Galaxy NGC 4261 -  400 million solar masses - streching gravity to its limits     Brane stretched by gravity into the Bulk of 5 dimensions    Bulk Brane gravitons forming
Finally, fascinating christmas caring Interstellar thinking, about 5D Bulk beings tesseract transporting human beings across 10 billion light years, in minutes, to be with loved ones. Is this a step towards reconciling gravity & quantum theory? Let’s use our branes brains & let the evidence decide. And so look forward to more New Year’s cheer :-)
Bulky Being Brady

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As We Are Wont

Doing like we do, we are on the way up. Our International Space Station is permanently crewed (now with 2 women & 4 men). The Orion spacecraft lifts off on 4 Dec for trips to the Moon, Mars & asteroids. The Rosetta space probe orbits Comet 67P & its Philae lander just made a bumpy touchdown. Planets beckon and The Galaxy awaits.
International Space Sataion and Earth below our Galaxy
Down on Earth, chocolate is plentiful, and that is always good. :-) World Poor are getting richer and are now able to savour the dark brown delights of cacao. As usual the alarmists spin this good news as the coming Chocolypse (to support UN-Obama climate action?). Climate continues cooling, for 20 years now (20 to go?) Beaufort polar bears are booming & the Black Footed Ferret is back from being extinct for 20 years. Is there a pattern here? “Group failures often have disastrous consequences—not merely for businesses, nonprofits, and governments, but for all those affected by them.” Enviros, Climatists, Energy Doomers & Medical Malpracticers … can they be better?
Chocolate now becoming affordable for the world's poor   Black Footed Ferret alive and well after being extinct for 20 years   Dumb Groups - can they get smarterYes indeed! Making Dumb Groups Smarter authors Sunstein & Hastie moan how groups: amplify errors; follow the statements & actions of those who spoke/acted first; take up extreme positions; don’t take into account critical information that only one or a few people have. What to do? : Silence the loud leader; “Prime” critical thinking tasks; reward group success not individuals; appoint devil’s advocates & “red teams” to find mistakes and exploit vunerabilities in the group’s thinking. Now, that should be easy.Ambition - the Rosetta space probe PR video explains wonderfully the human drive for knowledge and realizing possibilities
Ambition (ESAs Rosetta space probe PR video) explains the human quest for ever more knowledge and the realizing of possibilities “We fall, we pick ouselves up again and we adapt”. So, lets get up & do it, again.
Wonting Brady

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Seeing Sites

Eye opsins and their photoreceptors, the seeing sites in animals, are being tweeked for more colour vision. Is a colour blindness cure for humans next? Can we also enrich human vision with gene therapy of a fourth cone opsin in the violet giving us 100x more colours? “What beauty might we experience in art …?”
Eye photoreceptors - red blue and green but can we get more
Other pulse-of-the-world indicators continuously get better too. “The number of natural disasters in the past year was the lowest for ten years, not more.” The International Red Cross reports: “Accordingly, last year 337 natural disasters were recorded, almost half of the peak level 2005. The death toll stood at 22,452, well below the average for the decade of 97,954 victims.” Modern technology rocks! :-)
And …”Based on the latest forecasts for production and utilization, world cereal stocks at the close of crop seasons ending in 2015 would surge to 627.5 million tonnes, up 8.3 % from an already large volume at the start of the season and its highest level in 15 years.”
Butterfly's 4 opsins and 6 photoreceptors could make humans see 100s of more colours  Natural disasters and catastrophies lowest in a decade thanks to technology innovations  Food harvests at record levels ... again
Even biomedical research is waking up from its 80% wrong & 85% $s wasted nightmare.
However, our facts & costs-benefits challenged Apocalyptic humans seemingly still can’t see the science.  Species extinction alarmists are getting worried they are being found out. “There have certainly been some enormous exaggerations,” said Richard Ladle, a Brazil-based conservation scientist who studies extinction. There’s at least one problem with these predictions: Where are the bodies? Actual documented extinctions are vanishingly rare.” Their “damn the data, we have an agenda” thinking, makes an increasingly skeptical public dump them in with other enviro-fanatics. Also, another inconvenience: Global Warming’s presumed man-made “missing heat” is still … missing. The now 18+ year stop (or “pause”/”haitus”, but never: drop/cooling) in world temperatures was expected to be hiding heat in the deep oceans, but the data say no (black dots=below 2km). Are our misty eyed alarmists falling inNoteto dungeons deep and caverns old“?Note
Missing Heat not in the ocean deep Species not going extinct as said  Fanaticism of the Apocalypse by Pascal Buckner calls for innovative humans not apocalyptic immoliators
Prof Brown at Duke Uni sums it up best – “Science isn’t a search for Truth. It is a search for that which it is best to believe, given the evidence, so far.”  And as Pascal Bruckner says: “We need trailblazers and stimulators, not killjoys disguised as prophets. We need new frontiers in order to cross them, not new prisons where we can stagnate… Every new invention must strike the heart of human desire, elicit astonishment, and allow people to embark upon an unprecedented voyage… We have to count on the genius of the human race, which is capable of overcoming its fears in order to improvise new solutions.” Clearly said & seen scientific sentiments indeed!
Interstellar movie black hole - the most scientifically realistic depiction to date
Finally, Interstellar. After the obligatory Hollywood apocalypse preaching comes a visual black hole beauty feast, informed by science’s living legend Gravitation expert Kip Thorne. And it shows!  “The visualization of the black hole environment, including the accretion disks and gravitational lensing, … will be based on an accurate calculation rooted in Einstein’s general relativity…. it should be the most accurate depiction of a black hole ever.” WOW … what a view, too!
Sightseeing seeing sites Brady

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