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Running Rampant

Discoveries abundant. Home to the most distant galaxy record at 13.2 ly, now the MACS huge galaxy cluster in Leo Parallel Fields awes with details of what is waiting out there for us. WOW! Closer to home, Mars Curiosity Rover looks longingly towards its … Continue reading

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Sunny Side Up

Ceres livens up. Dawn’s  newly unvielded Ceres video shows our new world dwarf planet, on our doorstep, just out beyond Mars. What a wonder waiting for us humans! WOW!      Inside the Earth, the debate about Core-Mantle boundary “continents” hots up in 2016, … Continue reading

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Prudently Preventing Prevention

Our vast world awaits. Leda 1852 a 330 million light year distant mid-void galaxy shines symmetrically like an untouched mid blue Pacific Ocean island jewel. Curiosity rover on rust red Mars reaches towering black Bagnold Dune #1. As Saturn’s Cassini … Continue reading

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The Great Enrichment

Ooooo, we’re getting closer. Saturn’s moon Encleadus gets deep-dived by the Cassini spacecraft, over its north and south poles (49km), looking for organics from its oceans. Humans have just completed surveying the Solar System, now the colonization stage begins. Onward to … Continue reading

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Pleisto Probers, Searching for truths from the past? Well, plan on digging deep.     Pleistocene Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprints found and now washed away on English storm dug Happisburg beach pushing out Neanderthals as the earliest Europeans.  Science journal … Continue reading

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Christmas Elves

Earth Wind Map: entrancing, ephemeral, mesmerising, hypnotic, wonderful. Lone Java Script learner Cameron Beccario in Japan beats hands down Big Gov NCEP & NOAA with their dull monocrome US only try. Lesson learned? –more Bottom Up not Top Down       Comet ISON … Continue reading

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Alien Thinking

Whodathunk? Not many it seems.   Optimistic facts (about nutrition, health, education etc.) are not trendy thoughts, nor Media money makers. Swedish statistics display innovator Hans Rosling shows beautifully how the poor are getting richer faster than the rich in all … Continue reading

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