Buzzing Bullets & Receding Reason

[UPDATE 4 – 6 Jun 2014: EU now admits bees were healthy as ever – €17 billion wasted. Bees now harmed by compulsory non-neonics. Another Green made mess!]
[UPDATE 3 – 6 Feb 2014: The American’s now find a 10 year increase in bee colonies … Oh 🙂 ]
[UPDATE 2 – 6 Nov 2013: marvel at the Machiavellian manouvering of our EU masters making this scare]
[UPDATE – 19 June 2013: an insightful anti-environmental panic analysis]
Another roller coaster ride “Classic Scare” on the way?
More than Honey - the film that scared the food away  Another religious-like emotion-filled reason-lacking up-an-down useless scare on the way  Food Police - political activists and Greens forcing people to eat rubbish
 Load up, load up, load up, with rubber bullets  It seems the Media-Politician-Green fear-making do-gooders are shooting away to save-the-planet, again. Groan 😦 Neonics are to be outlawed, to maim our base-pesticides & so the world’s food supply
More than Honey - a Greenpeace driven campaign More than Honey - WSJ smells Green fear mongering  More than Honey - a Green - WWF sponsored film    Rubber Green Bullets designed to maime the world food system 
Biofuels were their last “crime against humanity” adventure, that sent out worldwide waves of food riots, hunger & starvation. Lesson learned boys? Now the EU is getting high on the Pulp Fiction politics of their  son-of-a-preacher-man  Enviro-warriors.
More than Honey - EU-Green power politics squashes bee science  More than Honey - Studies show no link between neonic pesticides and honey bee deaths  More than Honey - Science collapses in front of emotional Green-Media-Political Power scares  Pulp Fiction politics from the Green son-of-a-preacher-man fear mongers 
Since 1869 bee numbers have been rollercoasting. Australia & Canada use huge amounts of neonics & have healthy bees. The Varroa mites, fungi & weather have been causing this seesaw for years. However drowning lab bees & their brains in neonics affects them. Whodathunk Emoji   EU conclusion: evil humans & neonics did it: “Ban ’em both!”.
  Athena goddess of Reason - greek bust in Glyptothek Munich - sorely missed in 21stC Europe  Reason missing from the Honey Bee debate 2
So, Athena: Goddess of Reason, we sure are  missing you  & your beauty of thought these days, as Gaia worshippers empty our food baskets, once again.
Great music though, and apt lyrics too 🙂
Food Police averse Brady

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