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Pleasant Travelling

The Rosetta space probe is now on the surface of Comet 67P, travelling on out past Jupiter’s orbit, with it’s Philae lander. See you both back on Earth, in a future museum ūüôā

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Cometary Cornucopias

Rosetta space probe now pioneer orbiting Comet 67P selects landing sites for a 11 Nov touchdown. Another small step to asteroid mining then … human space colonies? Even down on Earth an abundance of meteoric betterments are flowing -“Compared with … Continue reading

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Ice Adapts

[UPDATE: (14 Oct 2012) Could Climate Catastrophism cooly calmly collapse?] Cryogenic Connoisseurs, The annual Arctic and Antarctic cooling championships are underway for the 5th fabulous year. Those silly shenanigans are again¬†heating up The Media, if not¬†our glorious globes ūüėČ ¬†¬†¬†¬† … Continue reading

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Sun Sun Sun

Solar Systemers, In quick bursts of recent activity “light has been shed” in more ways than solar.¬†¬† Cryptic? Yes.¬†Read and click¬†on … with a song¬† ūüėČ if the¬†‚Äėdeniers‚Äô are the only ones standing up for the integrity of the scientific … Continue reading

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LOOK NOW!!! CRU has just been hacked! :-)))‚ÄŹ

19 Nov 2009 Morning,   Up and at it!   CRU has just been hacked! YAY!!!!!   All The Hockey Teams private emails from the last few years are now whizzing around the world:

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Al Gore’s boo boo

17 Nov 2009 Hi Hotties, ¬† Here is the video of¬†Al Gore’s “a few million degrees” at the Earth’s Core mistake that he made recently, that is rushing around the internet now. ¬† Is this¬†just an¬†honest blunder from a … Continue reading

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Oink Oink !

16 Nov 2009 Hello my fellow flu spreaders ūüėČ Even the Americans¬†are starting to wake up (the Aussies are still asleep) about¬†the Swine Flu scare and its lack of a scientific basis: ¬† “But what if everything we think we … Continue reading

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