Seeing Sensibly

Hubble Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). 8000 ly away & 10 ly across. Big, blue  & beautiful. WOW! The Space Telescope extends our senses, so we see sights scarcely imaginable. The Bubble Nebula
Looking closer to home: Humans are daring mighty things, again, with Starshot solar sailing to the Alpha Centauri star system. SpaceX lands its rocket at sea – 8 April 2016 – another amazing human step into the future.
Starshot solar sailing to the Alpha Centauri star system - Humans daring mighty things SpaceX lands its rocket booster at sea
Back on Earth, how is science going? Science is still slowly getting beaten-back-into-shape. Science Broken: Replication Crisis Widens -1st psychology/nutrition/medicine, next climate? Even “popular” energy resources are being questioned: Solar Stocks Suddenly Subsiding = Risky Business? Is the future solar or shale?
Science Broken - Replication Crisis Widens Solar Stocks Suddenly Subsiding - Is the future solar or shale
How about what the humans are putting into their bodies? Well, worldwide nutrition advice is a-changing: Nutrition Advice Failure Worldwide – 60yrs evidenceless high carb, low fat, sugar OK “fad”- an excellent historical perspective. Even movie stars’ “expert keep healthy” advice is under scrutiny. Good!
Nutrition Advice Failure Worldwide for 50 years    Health Advice from Movie Clebrities = Fraudulent Science
Even what’s being put into young human minds is being criticized: Concept Creep in “bullying/prejudice” at university begins in school where feelings = facts.  Longtime coddling of children does not produce robust citizens: Academic freedom = teachers challenge their students by seeking out opposing viewpoints.
Bullying, Trauma & Prejustice seen as concept creep in universities because in high schools feelings determine facts  Academic Freedom - scholars and teachers should encourage students to debate opposing viewpoint letting the marketplace of ideas sort them out
Finally (& a real “tipping-point”?), Greens are being castigated for their unsightly behaviour … by fellow Greens: “Are Evironmentalists BAD for the Environment of Environmentalism?” questions HuffPost Green. The Green flip-flop mind changing on energy is harming the humans & the environment – says Eco-Modernist “New-Green” author. One could wonder why we continually listen to them over all these years. Hmm …
Environmentalists bad for the environment Environmentalists keep changing thier minds on what is good for the environment
Seeing-more-Sense Brady

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