Prudently Preventing Prevention

Our vast world awaits. Leda 1852 a 330 million light year distant mid-void galaxy shines symmetrically like an untouched mid blue Pacific Ocean island jewel. Curiosity rover on rust red Mars reaches towering black Bagnold Dune #1. As Saturn’s Cassini probe deep dives through moon Enceladus’ organic bearing geyser plumes. What a wonder world!
Leda 1852 galaxy - the lonliest void galaxy
Bagnold Dunes on Mars       Enceladus Flyby - 28 Oct 2015
What’s up, down on Earth? Well, war deaths are down, as are hurricanes & global temps. Oil prices are also diving down as a (permanent?) Oil Glut floods markets as the Fracking Revolution takes hold, so the Greens are down too :-) However Nuclear Energy is taking off in China, with Western nuclear supporting voices rising. Perhaps prudently preventing prevention is a positive sign. Even space mining is being legalized. That’s definitely up!
Wars Deaths declining rapidly Oil Glut as Fracking Revolution takes over  Chinese Future Nuclear Map Space Mining legalizing
What else do we try to prevent but now seems useless or worse? Ban Lego for boys: Gender Equality ideology goes batsh*t crazy? Or just its natural next step? Bike helmet laws: feel-good & misguided & don’t reduce head injuries – bicycle lanes better. Robert Aronowitz in Risky Medicine exposes our excessive fear of medical uncertainty, such as with excessive HPV vaccines, men’s PSA scans & women’s mammograms: conflating risks with the disease eg. lowing life quality by excising cancers that might kill us in 400 years.
Lego banned for boys in the ideology of gender equality Bike Helmet Laws misguided Risky Medicine - Aronowitz 2015
Anything else getting better? Well, world optimism is gaining ground. Matt Ridley & Steven Pinker just won the Munk Debates arguing that humankind’s best days lie ahead.  And 5 data scientists become world famous for showing that facts can win over fear.
World is much better now and will continue - Ridley and Pinker win debate  Optimistic Scientists with data to prove it
Possibly Preventing Pessimism Brady

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