Free Space

Deep Space and Deep Time: habitable both? Proxima b, the closest Earth-like exoplanet discovered around our nearest star & in its habitable zone: WOW! Early 3.7 billion y.o. life? Old stromatolites or just squashed mud? And, Astrid the Astronaut “walks” on Mars, next to the Curiosity Rover, giving human perspectives to the wide open spaces & freedom awaiting us (thanks Sean!). Pleasurable ponderings smile.gif
Proxima Centauri Proxima b - closest Earth-like exoplanet discoveredEarliest Life - 3.7 billion year old stromatolites ... or not
Down to Earth & back to the present: Bees are doing fine, in at least 6 different ways. No Media fear “facts” here. And if the Great Auk can be de-extincted in 20-30 years, then huge realms of genetic species-space await. Great!
bees-ok great-auk-2 great-auk-1

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