Europa Dreaming

Time to dream of distant shores, time to let imagination soar.
Time to search out worlds afar, time to reach out for the stars.HUDF 2014
Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014, now in infrared+UV+light. 10 000 galaxies, 1mm x 1mm, 1/13 millionth of the sky, 13.4 billion years deep. Gaze & wonder. WOW!
  Midsummer Sweden - 1430 Friday 20 June 2014 - midsummer pole dancing, Lake Ekoln sailing club, Uppsala    Midsummer Sailing - Lake Ekoln Sweden
Time to dance to the joys of life, time to sail into wide blue horizons. Time to leave our worried save-the-world warriors behind. And boy, for good reasons too!   Matt Ridley cogently shows how even the warmist UN-WWF Climate Panel report (IPCC 2013) predicts no Green dangers in 2100. Go figure. Bees are feelin’ fine & never better, but Enviros banned safe neonics for €17 billion in bee harming chemicals. Serial exaggerations of extinction rates plague biologist Pimm’s latest 1000x faster study, based again on broken model assumptions, but loved by the world’s Media. Renewable energy (wind & solar) has stagnated for the last 20 years, countryside spoiled & $billions wasted. Oh well.  
Growth means healthier people and better environment Bees are OK but neonics still banned - what a mess Bird that was not one of 3 continemtal birds that went extinct in the last 500 years Renewable Energy has NOT increased globally for 20 years  
India says $300m/yr Greenpeace is against its public good & freezes all its funds. In Russia, Greenpeace’s ship still seizedNATO says EU Greens are Gazprom-Putin paid to stop cheap European gas energy. EUs Greenpeace just lost €4 million by currency gambling up to €100 million in donations. Dare somebody tell their footsoldiers         Even Europa (Jupiter’s moon) needs some skepticism. Is it blooming with oceans of life, as is all the Media rage now? Or, just dilute mineral water with no energy source from its 10km thick ice shell or its dead rocky core? & … “plumes” from 12 politicised 2012 pixels?  
    Europa - Jupiter's Moon - false colours showing ice and cracks Swedish Midsummer strawberry cream sponge cake ... YUM 2
Scientific skepticism is the rigorous application of science and reason to test the validity of any and all claims; where all facts in science are provisional and subject to challenge; & has a reliance on reason, critical thinking, and a desire for verifiable testable evidence. Finally & importantly: skepticism values method over any particular conclusion.
Soooo … Time to ponder the Precambrian. Time to explore life in the Eemian, on today’s Earth, under Europa & out into our Universe. Time to dream on shores afar. Time to enjoy life in the European summer sun & time to live the life of cake mate                Life & Cake Dreaming Brady

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