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Australo-Scando sapien Ascending

Hello all, I’m moving over to twitter @skeptswedscient, which I now find more flexible & efficient for up to the minute posting of skeptical, critical & optimistic thinking about science. However, I’ll keep this blog as a reference … … … Continue reading

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Pleasant Travelling

The Rosetta space probe is now on the surface of Comet 67P, travelling on out past Jupiter’s orbit, with it’s Philae lander. See you both back on Earth, in a future museum ūüôā

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Free Space

Deep Space and Deep Time: habitable both?¬†Proxima b, the closest Earth-like exoplanet discovered around our nearest star & in its habitable zone: WOW!¬†Early 3.7 billion y.o. life? Old stromatolites or just squashed mud? And, Astrid the Astronaut “walks” on Mars, … Continue reading

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Anglosphere Ascending

Dark Energy acoustic ripples confirm Universe acceleration: new Biggest & Best 3D galaxy map.¬†Juno spacecraft¬†with¬†Jupiter Orbit Insertion completed: 250 000 kmph/4200km above/48min burn WOW! ¬† Fantastic video of Mars Curiosity rover (& Humans) exploring a planet, driving up Mt Sharp, … Continue reading

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Exiting Exuberance

LIGO again captures 2 huge black holes (8+14=21) exiting the Universe, giving off 1 solar mass of ¬†gravitational wave energy. Human plans on leaving for Mars gain momentum with the Moon-to-Moon-to-Mons¬†(Deimos to Olympus Mons)¬†stagecoaching exodus. ¬†¬†¬† Down on Earth, scientific … Continue reading

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Running Rampant

Discoveries abundant.¬†Home to the most distant galaxy record at 13.2 ly, now the¬†MACS huge galaxy cluster in Leo¬†Parallel Fields awes with details of what is waiting out there for us. WOW! Closer to home,¬†Mars Curiosity Rover looks longingly towards its … Continue reading

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Seeing Sensibly

Hubble Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). 8000 ly away & 10 ly across. Big, blue ¬†& beautiful. WOW! The Space Telescope extends our senses, so we see sights scarcely imaginable.¬† Looking closer to home: Humans are daring mighty things, again, with¬†Starshot … Continue reading

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