Running Rampant

Discoveries abundant. Home to the most distant galaxy record at 13.2 ly, now the MACS huge galaxy cluster in Leo Parallel Fields awes with details of what is waiting out there for us. WOW! Closer to home, Mars Curiosity Rover looks longingly towards its destination on the upper slopes of Mt Sharp, the central peak in Gale Crater. Down on Earth, humans reach for the nearest star as 2 Interstellar Alpha Centauri space journeys are planned in the last 2 months. One funded for 2030s and one unfunded for 2069. The race is on!
MACS Galaxy Cluster in Leo MACS Galaxy Cluster Parallel Field
Mars Curiosity Rover looks longingly out to the upper slopes of Mt Sharp in the centre of Gale Crater
Interstellar Travel x 2Firmly on Earth, the reconquest campaign for the scientific method’s primary place in science continues. John Oliver’s brillant satire on “scientific studies say…”: Media Scientific Studies ≠ Science (his only mistake: Science ≠ Consensus = Politics). Biologist Jerry Coyne lays bear the wish for purpose in genes:  $11m grant to Lamarckian epigenetic anti-evolution “biologists” bears first fruit … NOT! Even comic strip artists are standing up for science: Science skirts difficulties to see reality eg. gods, politicians, enviros, Media. Lawrence Krauss (cosmologist) again explains beautifully (at 30:00) how our Universe can spring from nothing – without space, time, matter, energy, quantum fields, laws or Gods.Scientific Studies in Media ≠ Science
Epigenetics - the new Lamarckian anti-evolution genetics
Inherent Difficulty in Science
Human “insides” (origins, progress, brain & mind) are being explored like scatter gun shells:  Neanderthal 17 700 y.o. French Cave stalagmite circles: first deep-in-darkness constructions. Human’s Progessing with Science & Innovation: from good to better to best. Brain Word Map brings closer answers to: “How does our brain produce our Mind?”. And again –Brain decides for Mind: brain acts then conscious free will illusion rubber stamps choice. Even Life-Beginnings-Theory (proton pumps) by Nick Lane gets a billionaire Bill Gates boost: just 2 life origins (archea & bacteria) in 4 billion years.
Neanderthal 176500 y.o. Stalagmite cirles deep in a French Cave Future Optimistic Brain Word Map brings closer answers to - How does the brain produce the mind Brain controls the Mind again
Life's beginnings theory by Nick Lane gets billionaire's boost by Bill Gates
So lets enjoy this running rampant science: cleaning up our lives, minds & Earth, and so leading to our starry futures. As Deirdre McCloskey says in her new book Bourgeois Equality – the best of “The Great Enrichment” is yet to come.
Bourgeois Equality  Brady Bathing - 1300 Sun 8 May 2016 glacial lake Ekoln, Sweden, fantastic planet Earth 2 Rampantly-Enriching-Science Lover Brady

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