Here are videos that should support a more reasoned and whole picture of the world we live in today.

26 June 2011 – The struggle of Reason against Emotion occurs not just with the 3 Bad Boys of Science (Climate, Environmental & Health Science) but also in Economics.
Miniatyr    Miniatyr   Miniatyr   Miniatyr
broken red thread of Skeptical and Critical Thinking runs deeply in all 4 beliefs. Reason vs Emotion, Head vs Gut,  Hayek vs Keynes, Democracy vs Dictatorship, “More Bottom-Up or More Top Down”,  … the  struggle in our Ape-Human stone age brains continues. Let’s keep at it till reason wins.
(4 Dec 2010) The Scientific Problems with the Global Warming Scare …
.. explained admirably here by Prof. Courtillot:

Matt Ridley’s Rational Optimist videos

Optimism for the Planet – Matt Ridley and Deep Optimism (start at 4:00)

TED Talks 2010 “When Ideas have Sex” – Matt Ridley


Roger Pielke Jr, author of The Honest Broker, giving an excellent presentation. He shows how 1.5 billion people today desperately need cheap energy souces to lift themselves out of poverty.

He lays bare today’s silly world energy politics and points the way ahead to nuclear and beyond. Click here then the screen at 17.30 mins. Here is another version.


An investigative video bý the BMJ (British Medical Journal) … 

Did Big Pharma amplify H1N1 scare?

showing that the WHO worked with big drug companies to create the swine flu scare.


Dan Gardner, author of The Science of Fear, explaining the psychology behind many of The Media’s scare campaings. 

The science behind our fears today – Dan Gardner

Overcoming Fear – Dan Gardner


About the recent Financial Crisis, OVERDOSE: a viewpoint not often revealed in The Media –

See the movie in English here
Overdose - The Next Financial Crisis

See the movie in Swedish here.
Overdose - The Next Financial Crisis : Official Trailer
See the English trailer here
?verdos - om krisen i Grekland och svensk bostadsbubbla
See the Swedish trailer here.  


The Atlantic magazine reporter who is very critical of Big Pharma in the US, especially in regards to the Swine Flu vaccine.

Does the Vaccine Matter? Shannon Brownlee on Democracy Now! (part 1 of 2)
See the video here.


Here is some info about a big London Debate at The Royal Institution: Science reporting: is it good for you? Science Minister Lord Drayson and Dr Ben Goldacre (author of Bad Science) had a debate about the state of science reporting in Britain.
Ben Goldacre & Lord Drayson

The world famous Swedish demographer Hans Rosling and his bubble diagrams,

showing clearly that Westerners (including students!) are profoundly misinformed about the real state of the world.