Here you will find various presentations applying critical thinking and the scientific method to science news stories in The Media.


The Global Warming Debate – Evidence – (20Mb) with science up till Oct 2013. See also the Global Warming Debate – Emotion – (7Mb) about CO2 linked environmental fears.

Why Worry – The history, psychology and science behind the many media scares we have today. See also : Why Worry talk notes and Why Worry references

Our Expanding Universe and the Big Bang – Presenting the 5 main lines of evidence for a Big Bang then linking them together to explain the history and future of our universe.  This is the student Big Bang talk questions. Here are “The best NASA Astronomy Images 2012“.

Critical Thinking about Green Science (11Mb … give it time to load 🙂  ) uses logical arguments to see if evidence presented in Green Science is true. Also there is the similar Green Science problems on Lady Elliot Island. Green science is also a big part of the new 2011 Swedish high school curriculum and national tests. Here is a critique of the first batch of tests – National Test Problems – Chemistry 2013. Also a critique of the Swedish  National Test Problems – Physics 2014 and the Biology 2015 Year 9 test.

Here is an Energy Resources debate presentation, a Climate Catastrophes or Not presentation showing the cooler counter evidence to today’s most popular Media scare, also a similar Earth’s Radiation Balance and Climate … and a PowerPointPresentation presentation 🙂

Galaxy link to Earth Climate tries to seperate the politics from the science of the global warming movement and thereby presents the evidence for the influence of our Galaxy on Earth’s climate.

LSBG paper MNRAS 2010 is a scientific research paper looking into the evolution of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies (LSBGs). Further information is given in the LSBG presentation, and even in the project report LSBG thesis.

Here are Astronomy presentations that I give to school classes: Life in Space, Astronomy, Astronomy 2, Stars & Solar System

The “science” in Ecology? – Critical thinking about the today’s popular ecology movement, an essay. Also a presentation about problems with Postmodernism “science” promoted in teacher training courses in Sweden and in the Humanities institutes of Western universities – Human Flourishing vs Postmodernism .

Prokaryotes and Early Life on Earth– Looking into the various theories and evidence for the beginning of life on Earth.

The Earliest Land Plants is an essay investigating which species may have colonised the land first.

The Sexual Selection of the Human Mind – How sexual selection as opposed to natural selection shaped the way we think.

Vikings in Old Uppsala, Sweden ia a presentation looking at the archaeological evidence about how Vikings slowly converted to christianity . Here are the pages from the .pdf essay – Vikings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20.

The Extinction of the Dinosaurs – an essay weighing the scientific evidence as to why the dinosaurs went extinct.

Coming soon: a presentation – “The Evolution, History and Future of Sex“, how sexual selection drives human behaviour today and produces our technology for tomorrow.