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Future Nuclear

Atomic Friends, It looks like the world is going nuclear ūüôā ¬† Here are our fun filled Finns, leading the world, again! “Finland’s parliament has voted to build two additional nuclear reactors to augment the four they already operate. When … Continue reading

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Solar Space Sailing

SSSSSSSSS …. Well, many S words coming up. First up, succesful solar sails ūüôā On 9 June¬†2010 “An innovative solar sail launched in May has been accelerated by sunlight, successfully demonstrating a new fuel-saving propulsion technique in interplanetary space, the … Continue reading

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Brady around the world

16¬†June 2010 Hi there Fans! ūüôā ¬† Here¬†I¬†am on my World Tour ūüėČ I was able to¬†suggest¬†that … 1) .. an English¬†scientific critical thinking blog post… 2) …¬†be linked to an Australian skeptic blog … 3) …. which … Continue reading

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Scintillating Summer Science Books

29 June 2010 Hello fellow science bookworms, Now with summer holidays rapidly approaching it is the right time to plan getting outdoors with a good book … or two … or three … or .. Not just those blasted romances,¬†murder … Continue reading

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… and Judithgate, any more gate whitewashing?

28 June 2010 Hello all you climate worriers ūüėČ Please meet the now world famous Judith Lean. In 2007 the world famous United Nations climate change panel (IPCC) said that The Sun had almost no current influence on¬†Earth’s¬†changing climate. ¬†However … Continue reading

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Hungry Like A Wolf‚ÄŹ

[UPDATE¬† 14 Aug 2010 – It looks like one Swedish newspaper is finally admitting the truth behind the Swine Flu Scare … after, of coarse,¬†gaining much from this scare itself.¬†] 9 June 2010 OK people, ¬† Heads up!¬† ¬† Look … Continue reading

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Silly Science ?‚ÄŹ

[UPDATE 27 July 2010: More silly climate science, why do they do it?]¬† 24 May 2010 Hello all, ¬† These fun filled science¬†items¬†have just¬†been racing around the¬†global scientific blogs … … and I just can’t resist passing them on ūüôā … Continue reading

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