The Sense of Scientific Style

Steven Pinker (p6): Today’s writers are infused with the spirit of scientific skepticism and the ethos of questioning authority. They rightly expect reasons for any advice foistered upon them. WOW! Mars, our next home. Below: Mars – sol 1197: (left) Gale meteorite crater wall; (centre) Namib sand dune slipface; (right) Mt Sharp central crater peak where the Curiosity Rover (stretched at bottom) is going in New Year 2016. Or, maybe safer not to wander back to planet “wildernesses”. Colonies around Mars’ moons Phobos & Deimos?
Mars - Gale Crater - (left) meteorite crater wall (centre) Namib sand dune slipface (right) Mt Sharp central crater peak - where the Cusiosity Rover (bottom - stretched) is going New Year 2016 Phobos Base Camp  PADME Mars Satellite  Phobos orbiting space colony
Steven Pinker (p29): Classic Style’s motive is disinterested truth. The writer, he just needs to present it, the reader is competent and can recogognize the truth when she sees it, as long as she is given an unobstructed view. Svalbard polar bears are “fat as pigs” & up 42%, even with their ice poor Barents Sea. Maybe dining on walrus? :-)  Walrus are booming too, back to maximum 1890s levels. However, the US Sea & Sky dept (NOAA) says too little sea ice is causing decreases in polar bears and walrus. Hmm …
Polar Bears on Svalbad - autumn 2015 - fat as pigs
Here we have contradictory Global Warming worriers saying: Bacon is better than lettuce & lettuce is better than bacon, as the world cools? And a massive cloud global cooling process was discovered before the Paris Climate Deal, any more unknowns? Then the overjoyed shouted: Paris Climate Success! But with no goals, controls nor money & all can opt out in 4 yrs before 2020 start. Then the namecalling began. Any scientific style here?
Organic Contradictions 1 - Lettuce better than Bacon  Organic Contradictions 2 - Bacon better than Lettuce
Are even some hard sciences needing more style? – Unscientific: Strings, Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation are not verifiable but they are worth doing anyway, say String theorists. How long to wait for an hypothesis to be tested? 1000yrs? Is String Theory, the Multiverse and the Anthropic Principle just Media popular: stopping funding for other good ideas?
Unscientific - Strings, Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation, Anthropic Principle - or not verifiable but worth doing anyway
University students are still righteously blocking campus free speech saying it’s offensive and sexual harrassment (WTF!) University profs lean heavily politically Left but claim no bias in their research nor teaching. University admin replace intelligence, knowledge & learning with student happiness. Online-distance courses boom. Now that makes sense.
Nano Sculptures Sense of Style - Steven Pinker
The sense of scientific style exudes from these 2015 nano-sculptures. Here astounding science and beautiful art mix. Evidence supports emotions, feelings are based on facts and all data is laid bare for drawing conclusions. So, from the miniscule to the Martian, lets have the style to be even more human … & dare mighty things in 2016.
Scientific Style Sense Seeking Brady

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