Anglosphere Ascending

Dark Energy acoustic ripples confirm Universe acceleration: new Biggest & Best 3D galaxy mapJuno spacecraft with Jupiter Orbit Insertion completed: 250 000 kmph/4200km above/48min burn WOW!
Dark Energy 2 Juno arrives - Jupiter Orbital Insertion 6 - 5 July 2016
Fantastic video of Mars Curiosity rover (& Humans) exploring a planet, driving up Mt Sharp, in our local Universe. Asteroid (18587) 1997 YR5 passing in front of the Milky Way while searching for Kuiper Belt objects for New Horizons.
Naukluft Plateau descent by the Mars Rover Curiosity 2  Asteroid crossing star field
Into the atomic realm, particle physicists are now digging themselves up out-of-the-mud by questioning unverified supersymmetric partners for the Standard Model. Particle Physics hits-the-wall: No new particles means The Standard Model is not “natural”.
Standard Model Particles
Closer to the human realm: Species extinction or Local loss? Human global warming or Natural storm surges? Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Why do some favour extinction?
Species Extrinction or Not - Bramble Cay rat
Do our science mistakes start with politicized school science teaching? One way out could be to stress in classes: Science ≠ The Consensus/Pal Review; Free Speech ≠ Not Offending; Democracy ≠ Voting “Right”.
Teaching is not Politics
To drag ourselves out of the Political Correctness now miring The West, we can stress: The Scientific Method uses empirical tools & reason to find objective truths about reality. No other “Ways of Knowing” are better.
Scientific Method and Ways of Knowing
Next is teaching school students how to engage in civilized conversations and debates. We humans still (after 2500 years) find it hard to get past even the first step. Lets keep trying!
Civilized Conversations
The days of Political Correctness silencing Science seem now to be numbered. Anglosphere values, until recently derided, are rising around the civilised world again. Nations’ growing support for Representative Parliamentary Democracy, the rule of Common Law & Individual Liberty is leading to more criticism of politicised popular pseudoscience. The fight for free speech in US & UK universities grows. Fear & gloom predictions are failing. An evidence-based amazing,  fantastic world, Universe & future waits. Good! :-)
Anglosphere values versus PC values 3
Anglophone ascending: I’ve just climbed up active 500 000 year old 5 peaked lushly covered stratovolcano Mount Nasudake in northern Japan. Andesitic 16 000 year old Nasu peak Chausudake still steams with sulfuric fumeroles from the last 1963 eruption & its recent 1993 earthquakes spike. WOW! What an inspiring ascent.
bDSC04202 bDSC04216 bDSC04218 bDSC04226bDSC04246 bDSC04254 bDSC04262 bDSC04266
So, you reading these words in this language, are heirs to a sublime tradition. A tradition that gave us liberty, property & democracy, and that raised our species to a pinnacle of wealth & happiness hitherto unimaginable. Act worthy of yourselves.”
Aspiring Anglospheric Brady

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