The Great Enrichment

Ooooo, we’re getting closer. Saturn’s moon Encleadus gets deep-dived by the Cassini spacecraft, over its north and south poles (49km), looking for organics from its oceans. Humans have just completed surveying the Solar System, now the colonization stage begins. Onward to Mars! Enriching our species with knowledge, as is the human’s niche.
Enceladus global ocean       Enceladus- north pole crater floors bulging from ice crust flowing over warmer core
Solar System survey completed - now the colonization stage begins
Enough of this exploration nonsense!;-)What’s happening with real people in Earth’s mud? Well, the world is getting richer: poverty drops to single digits (9.8%) down to 700 million, even with a growing population. Food Glut: record food harvests & low prices = feeding future billions (one?) on less land with less fertilizers. Lifespans worldwide are up. Great!
Food Glut with record low prices on less fertilizers Extreme Poverty lowest ever - 9.8% down to 700 million peopleFAO food index dropping means cheaper food for all Life expectancy at birth by country 1543-2011
How is the politicized science going? UNs Paris 21st “caringclimate meeting should be fun. The 18yr global temp pause(cooling?) continues, even with increasing CO2; Arctic ice is thickening and the deep oceans are still cold & alkaline. But watch the $1.5 trillion sing, like Ulysses’ sirens on the rocks. A bit of critical thinking wax might help, or maybe not :-)
Scientists fooling themselves - and how they can stop it Data hiding equal scientific misconduct
How about wayward scientists? Well, Nicole Janz is whipping them into shape: Hiding data = breaking professional standards = scientific misconduct. And no-raw-data-required Nature Journal is reluctantly joining inHumans are remarkably good at self-deception. But growing concern about reproducibility is driving many researchers to seek ways to fight their own worst instincts. As Feynman says: you [scientists] are the easiest to fool.
Boat Out - leaving glacial Lake Ekoln, Sweden -up the Fyris River, Uppsala for drydocking over winter - Sun 10 Oct 2015 By Steppe Desert and Ocean - Barry Cunliffe - Nov 2015 - humans migrating across Europe for the last 10000 year - not EU border friendly
The Great Enrichment (unplanned prosperity) continues apace, says Deirdre McCloskey, by individual humans specializing, innovating & freely networking, mostly despite the policies of Big Gov, Big Enviro, Big Business etc. So, its time to relax on these calm autumn days and marvel at our 10 000 BC humans spreading out over the mighty Eurasian continent, as we are now doing out into interplanetary space.
Enriching Brady

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