As you can see from the posts, music is often a good way of setting the mood for some of the silly science that commonly gets presented in Media news stories. Here are the music videos in the posts that can maybe just be enjoyed by themselves too:


POST: Christmas Elves


MUSIC:  NoteMore Bottom Up not Top Down – Econ Stories 2010Note


POST: Toxic Tonics

Stray Cats - Runaway Boys (1981)

MUSIC: Note Stray CatsRunaway Boys (1981) Note


POST: Pondering the Permian

Twin Peaks - a surreal township where nobody is what they seem to be

MUSIC:Note Twin PeaksFalling rapidly, Rockin’ Back, Spinning World Note Julee Cruise (1981)


POST: Buzzing Bullets & Receding Reason

 Reason missing from the Honey Bee debate 2  Rubber Green Bullets designed to maime the world food system Pulp Fiction politics from the Green son-of-a-preacher-man fear mongers

MUSIC:   Missing you – John Waite 1984 ;  Son of a preacher man – Dusty Springfield 1968; Rubber Bullets – 10CC 1973 


POST: Night Creatures

MUSIC:NoteSelf Control – Laura Brannigan 1984Note


POST: Our Local Universe


MUSIC: I’m All Right – Kenny Loggins (1981)


Toxic Toxic


POST: To Arsenic … or not?


MUSIC: Santana (1979)  She’s not there


MUSIC: Santana in the Geena Davis movie The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)  


POST: My Hero

MISIC: Hanky PankyMadonna (1990)


POST: Swine Flu Scare exposed


MUSIC: Doctor, Doctor (Bad Case of Loving You) – Robert Palmer (1979)


POST: Future Nuclear

MUSIC: Neutron Dance Pointer Sisters (1983)


POST: Summer Boppin’


MUSIC: Pat Wilson (1983) She’s A Bop Girl  [look out for 15 y.o. Nicole Kidman in the green bridesmaid dress, filmed on Sydney’s Coogee beach]


POST: The Climate Wars … ending?

MUSIC: Eurythmics (1985) – Would I Lie To You?

MUSIC: Bob Marley – Bad Boys or Bad Boys II


MUSIC: Working 9-9


POST: Hungry Like A Wolf

MUSIC: Duran Duran  – “Hungry like the Wolf” or again Live

Duran Duran: Wild Boys!

 A View To A Kill (Official Video) Duran Duran
Duran Duran:  ”A View To A Kill”    


POST: Silly Science ?

The Monkees- Hey Hey We're The Monkees
MUSIC: The Monkeys – Hey Hey, we’re the Monkeys 


POST: Big Beautiful Bountiful Buoyant Balloons! … err … Bubbles?

My Beautiful Balloon, sung by Nancy Sinatra
MUSIC: Nancy Sinatra (1967)  – Up, Up and Away

 5th Dimension – Up, up and away  

POST: Oh what a tangled web we weave …

Rick Springfield - Speak To The Sky (GTK)
MUSIC: Rick Springfield (1971) Speak to the Sky Everynight


POST: The Good The Bad And The Ugly‏

MUSIC: Ennio Morricone (1966) – The Good The Bad And The Ugly  

POST: More “Ground Zero” CRU email battles‏

All Your Emails Are Belong To Us
MUSIC: All your emails are belong to us 
The 12 Days Of Global Warming
The 12 days of Global Warming 


POST: It’s minus 20 degrees and ALL’S WELL !‏

MUSIC: Tommy James and The Shondell’s (1971) – Draggin’ the Line

POST: Skeptical Sunday Science: Climategate “gone viral” ?

MUSIC: M4GW – Hide The Decline 1  

M4GW – Hide the Decline 2


POST: Green Peas and Ham

MUSIC: George Thorogood (1980) Bad to the Bone

Terminator 2 - Bad to the Bone
or the Terminator 2 version 


POST: Straighten Up and Fly Right !‏
 The Singing Pilot
MUSIC: Nat King Cole (1940) – Straighten Up & Fly Right 


POST: Solar Sailing into the Time Warp!

Star Trek Enterprise Intro

MUSIC: Rod Stewart – Faith of the Heart

Time Warp

Sweet Transvestite


POST: Earth “Hour of Power” – The Australian Way!

MUSIC: Eagles – There’s Gonna Be A Heartache Tonight (from 00:54s)


POST: Kepler and OCO‏

Bad Dog Baby FF Style

MUSIC: Gilbert O’Sullivan – Bad Dog Baby

POST: Drill Baby Drill

MUSIC: Drill Baby Drill