Herding Humans

Magnificent Martian mountianscapes beckon (10 Sept 2015) with briny water in wet sand flowing downhill in warm near zero sunshine. However hype & fear overtook science as NASA exaggerates to get money for its future Phobos outpost and the Planetary Protection Office bans landings in life-likely spots from “filthy humans”: eco-doomers already on Mars? No mid-ocean alkaline hydrothermal vents there so, evidence-based science please!
Mars magnificent mountainscape
Pluto - mountains and plains and sky Phobos Outpost 2033
Wo! Pluto – sunset on 3.5km ice mountains by a frozen nitrogen sea in an orange methane misty sky. Back on Earth, we’re still battling the twin demons of science: fear & greed, with evidence & reason. First up: The Sahel desert is greening again, from more CO2, leading to increased plant water use efficiency. Also, duelling population projections – but they don’t mention their failed predictions & future fertility rebound evidence. Organic foods take another scientific beating – more about money than facts. Herded humans, again? And, an old favourite: logic & evidence contradictions in the “hottest year ever” meme. Oh well.
Sahel Greening more and more from CO2 increases Population projections - UN vs IIASA no mention of the low realities and future fertility rebound evidence Organic Foods - like a religious cult Global Warming now stopped for 18 years and 8 months
Getting more personal :-) : Hans Rosling – Don’t trust The Media to understand the world, check facts & arguments yourself. University trigger-warnings protect students offended by critical thinking. However academic resistance is beginning. Good & about time!
Hans Rosling - Do not trust The Media if you want to understand the world Protection from Critical Thinking reverts students to children
So lets try evolving away from being herded humans. If our new ancestor Homo naledi could care for their dead 2.5 million years ago then lets care even more for our living with skepticism, optimism and calcuated daring as we expand across the extensive reaches of space and speed up the evolution of innovations (new good ideas) in our minds.
Homo naledi (right) with (left) Lucy (Homo habilis) and Homo erectus The Evolution of Everything - Matt Ridley
Horrible-to-Herders Brady :-)

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