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My Hero

[ UPDATE 3 November 2010 – … and the misnamed and ideologically biased “Sourcewatch” blunders again in it’s own  attack on Judith Curry ]  My fellow admirers of humans, Please meet Judith Curry. One heck of a scientist. One gutsy lady. One fine human being. … Continue reading

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Planetary Wanderers

By popular demand, after numerous positive WOWs and hundreds of Beautiful Bing views. Please meet the humans: tentatively expanding out to nearby planets, exploring their Solar System … reaching for the stars  🙂 (click on photos for bigger images)      

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Confidence Failures

My fellow Optimists With Attitude 🙂 Why do we humans regularly think the worst of the best? When the road curves up and around to the next beautiful lookout point … … we start fighting like monkeys in the backseat, missing it all. Last week we … Continue reading

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Constant Changing Comet Closest

Tjohoooooo!!! 🙂 Here comes another greenie.  “Green comet 103P/Hartley 2 is approaching Earth for a close encounter on Oct. 20th. At that time, the comet will be only 11 million miles from Earth and should be dimly visible to the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bing

What a wonderful world we wade in! 🙂 If this sentiment seems missplaced in today’s world then maybe that’s a symptom of our Monoptic Media. Have a look at this beautiful view of our world: It comes from , a … Continue reading

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