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Anglosphere Ascending

Dark Energy acoustic ripples confirm Universe acceleration: new Biggest & Best 3D galaxy map. Juno spacecraft with Jupiter Orbit Insertion completed: 250 000 kmph/4200km above/48min burn WOW!   Fantastic video of Mars Curiosity rover (& Humans) exploring a planet, driving up Mt Sharp, … Continue reading

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Aspirations Ascending

Pluto “hearts” us & huge moon Charon dazzles as New Horizons speeds by. It took 400 years for Earth’s continents to be discovered: from the 1420s with Henry the Navigator sailing down Africa’s coast to the 1820s with sealers landing on … Continue reading

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Mind Life

Finding freedom across the Aegean, at the 4thC BC architypal Lindos Acropolis, with the exquisite Aphrodite Bathing & Zorba dancing, to the joy of life. But, back down to Earth        Ooowee … we are getting better. Kepler-93b: 300 light years away, … Continue reading

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Teach not Preach

Earth goes Live for the next 18 months, cycling between 4 HD cameras (1 forward, 1 amidships & 2 aft) showing our stunningly beautiful planet rolling beneath. So, lets gaze down on the maleficent Media “science”, during this  merry, merry month of May   … Continue reading

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Pleisto Probers, Searching for truths from the past? Well, plan on digging deep.     Pleistocene Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprints found and now washed away on English storm dug Happisburg beach pushing out Neanderthals as the earliest Europeans.  Science journal … Continue reading

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Pondering the Permian

Timely thinkers,     Permian Lystrosaurus 250 million years ago dominated Pangaean life, adapting with the biosphere & atmosphere, as the consensus of continents broke up into a flourishing world. Is this happening today as well, the Enlightened breaking up of the “scientific consensus”?   … Continue reading

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Sunning in the Silurian

Time to dream of distant shores, time to let imaginations soar.                                           Time to search for worlds afar, time to reach out for the stars.    Gute Land in the Eastern Sea awaits me.  430 million years deep in time, 100m deep … Continue reading

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