Reasoning Rising

Whooaa! It looks like LIGO got lucky. Gravitational waves detected after 100yrs of predictions. Great scientific method search & discovery.
LIGO detects gravitational waves from 2 merging black holes 1.3 billion light years away
7 billion people on Earth, 3.6 billion with little or no electricity & Earth Hour-ers burn oil candles in the dark to “raise awareness” about our healthy blooming planet keeping “them” there. From Children’s Crusades to Witch Hunts to Eugenics to … Lets aim higher.
Human Achievement Hour - making our world better for ALL humans and now
Electricity - 3.6 billion with little or none         Human Achievement Hour - making ALL humans better
As reason rises in the world so too does optimism and intellectual freedom.
Poverty declining rapidly     Optimism - small but growing
Schools are for questioning everything
Raising Reason Brady

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