Sunny Side Up

Ceres livens up. Dawn’s  newly unvielded Ceres video shows our new world dwarf planet, on our doorstep, just out beyond Mars. What a wonder waiting for us humans! WOW! :-)
Ceres Occator crater  Ceres Unvieled - NASA JPL video  Inside the Earth, the debate about Core-Mantle boundary “continents” hots up in 2016, as Jason & Tuzo evidence rises with plumes. Inner-inner core iron crystal “city” phases too?
Core Mantel Plumes continents - Jason and Tuzo   Core Mantel Plumes continents - Jason and Tuzo on world map   Core Mantel Plumes book
On Earth: Renewables (declining in Europe for years) go belly-up? SunEdison: “One of the largest developers of renewable energies worldwide, especially photovoltaic, could be in bankruptcy, losing $11 billion in debts. Spanish worldwide renewables giant Arboga files for bankruptcy too, with $16.48 billion debts. Californian Ivanpah solar mirror plant loses taxpayers $2.2 billion. But, Greenpeace says: Cleantech going up: Japan, Canada, China binge [taxpayer $billions] on greens. Which is evidence, which is emotion? Which is a threatening/extreme/passionately-held/minority viewpoint? Break out the popcorn :-)
 Renewables declining in Europe Californian Solar Mirror Power Plant broken
Future Nuclear…in Asia? China, Japan & South Korea supplying nuclear to Argentina, Brazil, Egypt & Jordan. Will the West follow or still be mired in fear? Will the Swedes “go collectively mad”  & in 2020 shut down ALL their nuclear, then buy in Baltic brown coal? However, looking on the bright side, the world is now safer then ever, with nukes dropping rapidly ;-)  Data shows fast human progress not regress.
Nuclear Future in Asia Nukes Declining world wide
We humans are being more self-critical too. And that’s good! Evidence-based medicine ≠ Finance-based medicine: 20% GDP spending on health care = health risk. Science & Reason opposes schools/universities/academics banning “extreme” opposing viewpoints.
Medicine, evidence-based is not finance-based

Science and reason questioning Academics labelling opposing viewpoints as extreme and so shutting them down
So, it’s taken us about 100 years for the 3Rs (readin’, ‘ritin’,’rithmetic) to flood through the world’s schools and out into the world’s adults. Let’s push now for the 4th R = reasonin’ to become embedded globally by 2100. If the majority, authority & emotional  logical fallacies are pointed out in our arguments, then we should make sure we have the strength of mind not use them again a few seconds later. The same goes for willingly using other logical fallacies and ignoring counter evidence. Let’s keep on pushing towards our bright reason-based future with a 4Rs-using global population.

Sunny Side Up Brady

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