Exiting Exuberance

LIGO again captures 2 huge black holes (8+14=21) exiting the Universe, giving off 1 solar mass of  gravitational wave energy. Human plans on leaving for Mars gain momentum with the Moon-to-Moon-to-Mons (Deimos to Olympus Mons) stagecoaching exodus.
Black Holes Colliding  Black Holes Colliding with LIGO Mars 20 Dec 2015
Down on Earth, scientific method scientists are escaping The Consensus, relying on objective checking of facts rather than politically correct popular ideologies. Good!
Reef Wars: Govt-Green scientivist saviours vs scientific method scientists – more facts please! Polar Bear “scientists” – promoting fear instead of facts? Blonde not Polar-Grizzly hybrid.
Reef Wars - Govt Green scientivist saviours vs scientific method scientistsPolar Bear Scientists - promoting fear instead of factsThe battle for university students to admit opposing viewpoints and critical thinking into their courses continues apace. Professors & parents push against SJWs (social justice warriors) for the education, not indoctrination, of their children. Profs censured by Bias Response Team: “Don’t teach alternate viewpoints!”. Unbelievable! Free Speech in Science – evidence (not offence) should be questioned.Muzzling Professors and teachers trying to give alternative viewpoints Coddling the Mind Free Speech in Science - Evidence not Offence should be questionedEven the scientific method “in practice” is escaping its traditional shackles of non-admittance of negative results: Scientific Egos stop publishing of their Scientific Failures so blocking Scientific Progress. Scientific Egos stop Scientific Failures from making Scientific ProgressBritish Brexit: “democracy in all its beauty and glory“. 7-to-1 UK scientists fearful & voted stay, worried about jobs & funding. But EU not needed for EU science funding & 97% of European R+D not financed by EU. Then the pound rebounds! Which EU country next?
Science Funding In Europe does not need EU  Science Funding - 97 percent takes place without EU
Brexit Boom Brexit leaving countries Science is Global
So, its time to exit exuberantly, sailing into the Swedish Summer, reading sedicious science books & imbibing the delights of Swedish midsummer strawberries & cream sponge cake.
midsummer-sailing-lake-ekoln-sweden Science Books DSC03455 Exuberantly Exiting Brady

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