Best Year Ever Again, Continuing Trend

Happy Hominans,
Well well well, we’ve won once again :-)
Optimism 1 Optimism 2
Let’s review the year. How are the humans going? The world is getting richer: poverty drops to single digits (9.8%) down to 700 million, even with a growing population. Food Glut: record food harvests & low prices = feeding future billions (one?) on less land with less fertilizers. Lifespans worldwide are up. The Great Enrichment (unplanned prosperity) continues apace, says Deirdre McCloskey, by individual humans specializing, innovating & freely networking. Great!
Food Glut with record low prices on less fertilizers Extreme Poverty lowest ever - 9.8% down to 700 million peopleFAO food index dropping means cheaper food for all Food Glut 2016
How about the cuddly little animals? The walrus seem to be happy :-) : “Pacific Walrus populations “increased from 50,000 to 100,000 animals in the late 1950s to more than 250,000 animals by 1985,” and they are believed to have now reached their maximum carrying capacity. Svalbard polar bears are “fat as pigs” & up 42%, even with their ice poor Barents Sea. Bees are still thriving and nature rebounding. Peak cropland, peak farming, forest transition and nature rebound are spreading across the globe.
Walrus rebounding and back historical levels in the Pacific Polar Bears - fat as pigs Bees used for green masters perposes Nature rebounding across the globe
And the pretty plants? The Sahel desert is greening again, from more CO2, leading to increased plant water use efficiency. Earth’s green biomass is rising and increasing crop yields by 10-15%.
    Biosphere Biomass increasing Greening Earth
And how is Earth’s biosphere going (Gaia to Greens)? The 18 year 9 month global temp pause (cooling?) continues, even with increasing CO2.  Arctic ice is thickening and the deep oceans are still cold & alkaline.  The new Eco-Modernist Manifesto even welcomes humans back to Earth: “human prosperity and an ecologically vibrant planet are not only possible, but also inseparable”  That’s an improvement! ;-)
Gaia Ecomodernist Manifesto - belatedly waking up and welcoming humans Global Warning flat from 1997 to 2016
Energy prices drop worldwide (good for poor people) as the fracking (shale-gas/oil) revolution goes global & produces an oil glut. China races ahead with 100 advanced nuclear reactors to 2025, 400 to 2050, at 1/3 cost & in 1/2 time as in the West.
Oil Glut as Fracking Revolution takes over Chinese Future Nuclear Map
Democracy– up; child safety – superb; war deaths-flatlined; homicides- drop. That’s good!
Democracy beats Autocracy in todays world Children become safer and safer War deaths decrease and stay down worldwide Homicides decrease around the world
This calls for a song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 
 Homo naledi and the Underground Astronaut who found him - Lindsay Hunter
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when. Sometimes I never want to see you again.  

I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear.
You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, still the one — and I wouldn’t switch. 
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note

This optimistic evidence is now getting out to humans: Hans Rosling – Don’t trust The Media to understand the world, check facts & arguments yourself. Matt Ridley & Steven Pinker just won the Munk Debates arguing that humankind’s best days lie ahead.  And 5 data scientists become world famous for showing that facts can win over fear.
Hans Rosling - Do not trust The Media if you want to understand the world World is much better now and will continue - Ridley and Pinker win debate  Optimistic Scientists with data to prove it
We caring humans, are still too often tricked into destructive baseless beliefs by fear & righteous emotions from deep down in our ancient lion-in-the-grass African savannah brains, … as our world bounds into a fantastic 21stC future. But even this problem is being solved, with Homo sapiens (& school children :-)) more often using critical thinking to check evidence & arguments with the scientific method and logical reasoning.
Failure How Science Succeeds - Stuart Firestein City of the Future - Shinjuku, Tokyo with park Curiosity Selfie - Namib Dune - January 2016
These failures are our road to success as we humans move into Green green megacities, leaving wilderness blooming & nature rebounding, while we achieve mighty things, on our journey to reaching the nearby stars.
Fantastic Future  Trend Watching Brady

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