Pondering the Permian

Timely thinkers,
Permian Earth (280 million years ago) with huge supercontinent Pangea and Sweden marked with red line  Late Permian Lystrosaurus dominates life on Earth changing continent size biomes with its success 
Permian Lystrosaurus 250 million years ago dominated Pangaean life, adapting with the biosphere & atmosphere, as the consensus of continents broke up into a flourishing world. Is this happening today as well, the Enlightened breaking up of the “scientific consensus”?  
Twin Peaks - a surreal township where nobody is what they seem to be Solar Cycle 24-  sunspot number still falling Solar Cycles 22 23 24 ... how low can they go Solar Cycles decreasing Well, today’s Solar Cycle 24 is missing the predictedNote Twin Peaks and is Falling rapidly, Rockin’ Back to zero. So, will our Spinning World Note cool even more with SC25Permian CO2 sensitivity was only 0.8C & now Permian Basins provide booming energy. Future famines are fading fast as population projections peak now at 8 billion amazing humans.
Plenty of Food from smart technology and management  World cereal production increasing well ahead of population increases   Global deaths from major causes compared to global warming   Population peaks at 8 billion with latest worldwide low fertility evidence
And so, thoughtful thinkers are turning to constructive criticisms of the current contiguous catastrophies consensus. Lets make even more Mind Tools, adapting our supercontinent-storage-sized fear-biased ape-brains to our fantastic 21stC world … and beyond 🙂
Laws of Fear - Beyond the Precautionary Principle by Sundstein  Tools for Thinking- Intuition Pumps by Daniel Dennett   Stanford Torus - a new future home with a fantastic view for ALL
Permanently Pondering Brady

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  1. Lapo lappin says:

    Great work brady

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    Stay Skeptical! 😉

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