Contiguous Controversies

Critical Connoisseurs,
We all want to make our world an even better place, a basic instinct in us hominans, you know, evolution, survival and reproduction, enjoying our own lives and being sure of our genes happily thriving in the future.
However, we humans seem to always have different ideas of how this desire can come true. Hence controversies … and oh boy, do we have them aplenty now! Appetizers anyone? 
Clinical PsychologyJournal has published a catchy little graphic about how rampantly social “scientists” abuse of the scientific method. Don’t show the children 😉  Biofuels seem to be suffering in the popularity stakes with even our Green friends now saying they were against this saving-the-earth dogma all along.
PeterIntegrityGleick  (elite-of-the-elite global warming scientist) seems to be ethically challenged these days and continues to harbour morally dubious sentiments. Even here in Sweden our Media is now playing 2-yearcatchup, finally admitting (at 6:00) that they helped invent the Swine Flu Scare: “Doctors must realise that this is business and politics rather than healthcare”.  Such honesty. I’m shocked, shocked I say!  😉   
Maybe a bit of cool black box Critical Thinking sorbet, to cleanse the palate 🙂 should be ordered, before more boringly historically familiar main courses of scary Jack-in-the-Box antics arrive.
Finally, after a forlorn peaceful plea from another famous Jack: “Why can’t we all just get along?“, we humans may realize that more skepticism, criticism and (yes) sweet optimism should be included on the human’s future menu.
Contiguous Controversy Critical Brady

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