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The Pretense of Knowledge

Q: More Bottom-Up or More Top-Down? The struggle of Reason against Emotion occurs not just with the 3 Bad Boys of science (climate, environmental & health science) but also in Economics. Here is a vivid new video explaining clearly, with captivating … Continue reading

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Sun Sun Sun

Solar Systemers, In quick bursts of recent activity “light has been shed” in more ways than solar.   Cryptic? Yes. Read and click on … with a song  😉 if the ‘deniers’ are the only ones standing up for the integrity of the scientific … Continue reading

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École Enamoured Ecology Ethics

[UPDATE: 14/6 – UK school curriculum reviewers say science lessons in climate change “should go”. Will Sweden’s Skolverket follow … and cut out other “Green issues” too? ] Studious Students, It has not escaped my notice (to paraphrase Watson & Crick) that … Continue reading

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