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Free Space

Deep Space and Deep Time: habitable both? Proxima b, the closest Earth-like exoplanet discovered around our nearest star & in its habitable zone: WOW! Early 3.7 billion y.o. life? Old stromatolites or just squashed mud? And, Astrid the Astronaut “walks” on Mars, … Continue reading

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Anglosphere Ascending

Dark Energy acoustic ripples confirm Universe acceleration: new Biggest & Best 3D galaxy map. Juno spacecraft with Jupiter Orbit Insertion completed: 250 000 kmph/4200km above/48min burn WOW!   Fantastic video of Mars Curiosity rover (& Humans) exploring a planet, driving up Mt Sharp, … Continue reading

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Exiting Exuberance

LIGO again captures 2 huge black holes (8+14=21) exiting the Universe, giving off 1 solar mass of  gravitational wave energy. Human plans on leaving for Mars gain momentum with the Moon-to-Moon-to-Mons (Deimos to Olympus Mons) stagecoaching exodus.     Down on Earth, scientific … Continue reading

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HOP Hop hop

Roo Rangers and Bias Busters, The Enlightenment or the environment? A false dichotomy or deep thoughts ?  😉 Are far too many people confusing scientific thinking with the opinions of scientists?   Some reach for the stars, others look at the mud. … Continue reading

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Brady around the world

16 June 2010 Hi there Fans! 🙂   Here I am on my World Tour 😉 I was able to suggest that … 1) .. an English scientific critical thinking blog post… 2) … be linked to an Australian skeptic blog … 3) …. which … Continue reading

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly‏

17 April 2010 Hello Clintan Fans,  ———————————————– Musical Accompaniment: The Good The Bad And The Ugly or … maybe you would prefer “the classical” version:   (What a film! )

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Coral Catastrophies ?

20 Feb 2009 Hello all, Let’s kill coral.

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