Aspirations Ascending

Pluto “hearts” us & huge moon Charon dazzles as New Horizons speeds by. It took 400 years for Earth’s continents to be discovered: from the 1420s with Henry the Navigator sailing down Africa’s coast to the 1820s with sealers landing on Antarctica. It took 50 years for space probes to image all the Solar System’s major bodies: from 1965 with Mariner 4 at Mars to 2015 with New Horizons at Pluto. What next? Crossing interstellar space by 2100?
Pluto Charon Nix and Hydra
Down on Earth stratovolcano Mt Fuji’s beauty beckons while I relax on volcanic mudstone creeping down it’s 3776m ash flanks. Meanwhile, across the PacificNYTs Oregon tsunami scare story finally gets $175m for reinforcing its schools (as in Japan) against the 41 times happened before earthquakes. Just 1/1000 of the USs $100b/yr spending on the never happened before (fact-poor?) Global Warming alarm. Are we humans getting smarter?
Mt Fuji summit, Japan - 1400 Tues 23 June 2015 - clouds clearing  Mt Fuji, Japan - 1200 23 June 2015 - Brady half way up on mudstone on volcanic scree slope    Benioff Zones - West Pacific  Japanese Godzilla statue in Shinjuku, Tokyo - like Media science scare stories ... Brady not scared
Well, you judge: UK Weather Office‘s “Hottest July ever!” is really just heatsink Heathrow airport’s temperature box blasted by a passing 747 jet exhaust. Lancet journal plays politics with bees, eliminating 200 000 animal species, in a computer model scare paper. Polar Bears thrive with expanding Artic sea ice but “scientists” want $64m to save them. WWF supports evicting 22000 tribal people in India (some living with tigers for 20000 years) from new Tiger Tourist Reserves. That’s OK? Caring Green’s must be good. Right?
Heathrow 1 July 2015- yellow circle is weather box & blue line is 747 jet exhaust aimed at weather box  Bees played by Politics again Artic Sea Ice at 29 July 2015 WWF critical - Panda Leaks - documenting the Dark Side of this environmental organisation
Trying to predict our future with claims of certainty disappoints too often –  ultimately we must accept that uncertainty will always be part of what it is to be human. When we deny ourselves the challenge of thinking critically, evaluating situations and making our own decisions, we are heading towards a future where Homo sapiens will lack the cognitive ability to think for itself.  Always being skeptical of Media Science scare stories is a worthy aspiration. As Sarah shows: environmental journalists … profess belief in objectivity even as they reject or redefine it … have radically redefined the component of objectivity known as “balance.” – by promoting political groups, not evaluating evidence.
Life Ascending by Nick Lane (2010)     DNA - now with 6 bases - GCAT plus P and Z      Icarus Interstellar space probe design to nearest stars
So, lets try out interstellar journeys and genome journeys too. Lets voyage out past the Kuiper Belt to new stars; lets explore the possibilities of 6-base DNA & lets govern our gullibilities for silly science scare stories. Lets aspire and thrive. Lets ascend to our future by reaching out for all those stars. Who knows what wonders we’ll acquire.
Aspiring Ascender Brady

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