Sailing Dreaming

Time to dream of distant shores, time to let imagination soar.
Time to search out worlds afar, time to reach out for the stars.
Ceres Rotating Philae comet lander found
Pluto Rotating  Solar Sail deploys ready for travelling out into solar system
Dawn space probe orbits asteroid Ceres, its white spots beckoning. Asteroid mining next, for building space colonies? New Horizon space probe aims for a speedy bulls eye through the Pluto system. Philiae lander wakes up on Comet 67P ready for duty. CubeSat’s solar sail is deployed in Earth orbit ready for 2016’s full scale sailing. Evidence for humans beginning their off-Earth migration?
Midsummer Sweden - 1430 Friday 20 June 2014 - midsummer pole dancing, Lake Ekoln sailing club, Uppsala    Midsummer Sailing - Lake Ekoln Sweden
Time to dance to the joys of life, time to sail into wide blue horizons. Time to leave our worrying save-the-world warriors behind. The new Eco-Modernist Manifesto (no relation to the Communist Manifesto?) belatedly welcomes humans back to Earth: “human prosperity and an ecologically vibrant planet are not only possible, but also inseparable” as skeptics have been showing since the 1970s. But most enviros are still not so hospitable.
Also, bee numbers increase with neonics, but that won’t stop the politics. Oh well.
Ecomodernist Manifesto - belatedly waking up and welcoming humans Chocolate - all it takes to trick science newspaper journalists Bees increase 14 percent since 2000 as Neonics increase
Chocolate “sting” paper tricks science journalists worldwide. Roger Pielke Jr says it best: “meaningful relationships ought to be detectable with simple methods and robust to alternative methodological approaches. If the effect you are looking for requires a complex model, data transformed away from intuitive units or sophisticated statistics to detect, then the effect that you think you have found is probably not practically significant”, as in Climate, Environment, Nutrition, Social & Psychology “Science”.
Ceres Space Colony  Swedish midsummer strawberry cream sponge cake Yum
And new (political ideological) “skeptic movement” blocks out skeptics. How one’s name changes one, as evidence and argument are exchanged for Groupthink  “right thinking” –  the desire for impressive answers leads to excess certainty and an over-reliance on experts to quell doubts. Unfortunately today not enough skeptics see the value of critical thinking when it leads to an honest “I don’t know”.
So … time to dream on shores afar and time to dream of humans off to the stars.
Time to relish life in the summer sun & time to live the life of cake mate.  :-)
Open Space Enjoying Brady

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