Watching Wayward Warriors Waging Worldwide Worries

Moving from an emotion-based to an evidence-based society has its pleasures: Generating sensory hair cells to restore hearing gets even closer. Ceres, the large asteriod belt dwarf planet, shows its white spots to the orbiting Dawn spacecraft: ice lakes or geysers or …? 
Hearing Restored - Cochelar Haircells  Hair cells for sensing sound generated by genetic transcription factors  Ceres_spots_animation_May_4_2015
More:“Good news! The United Nations report on global food markets predicts that food prices will be driven down this year by high food inventories.” Peak cropland, peak farming, forest transition and nature rebound are spreading across the globe, despite the Enviro’s best efforts to stop it. Environmentalism is a rather new political ideology, and possibly a religion or a substitute for traditional religion. Embracing new, abstract, and somewhat ambiguous values like “nature” and “the environment” is just assumed to be equivalent to rationality or something.” Now that’s an opposing viewpoint :-)
Food up Hunger Down    Nature rebounding across the globe
And more: Brave souls are even trying to drag Social Psychology into the 21stC. “If you must criticize scholars whose work challenges yours, do so on the evidence, not by poisoning the land on which we all live.” & I didn’t care whether students agreed with Lomborg’s conclusions or not but rather that they developed skills of critical thinking.”  Oo-wee, way to go humans! And in highly politicized (gender & enviro) science studies too. Bees are back and going Eco, with activistscientists” churning out “papers” to support their master’s upcoming US and EU policies to ban neonic pesticides to placate Green voters. Another political maze? Like: China’s largest solar panel maker just crashed, Ponzi like – Oh dear. And the Ozone “Hole” naturally (magnetically?) cycles up again from its most recent 2006 low. And the world continues cooling … Hmm …
Chatham House rules - do not say who said what  Bees used for green masters perposes  Cooling versus 105 UN Climate Models
Chatham House Rules (don’t say who said what) do wonders for scientific free speach: Lancet (world leading medical journal): “A lot of what is published is incorrect.” & The good news is that science is beginning to take some of its worst failings very seriously. The bad news is that nobody is ready to take the first step to clean up the system.” But across the Atlantic – 60 yrs of false dietary advice ends, with the US gov now saying: Cholesterol is healthy, saturated fat is healthy, salt is healthy and sugar is unhealthy.” No “sorry” from these nutrition”people”. Best to just forget them and move on to a happier, healthier world. So many worries waged on our world by the wayward worry warriors, it’s almost … silly. However, watching these recent “spring cleaning” attempts gives one hope that all these warriors will be swept out soon … or surely by 2100? 2200? :-)
Evidence-based watcher Brady

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