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NASAs new NExSS institute aims high, looking for life near & far, trying to break its 50yr losing streak. Astrobiology: scientific method based? … or, if no life found after a 100yrs then, a “religious” $$$ making belief in theNotePromised LandNote? :-)
NExSS - searching for life on other planets in other galaxies
Future Perfect:NoteBound to drive them wildNote Steven Johnson’s distributed peer networks show a more human (internet-trailblazed) way for a self-running productive society. Fun times ahead. Nick Lane’s explaining life as proton gradients producing order via excess energy comes scientifically nearer to “finding” life than NASA. Peer networks better again.
Future Perfect by Steven Johnson 2014   Peer Networks in our evolving in society   Life - The Vital Question - proposes the conservation of energy is the basis of the life
Spring cleaning 21stC science continues, as Science Direct complains: “The pollution of science and medicine by plagiarism, fraud, and predatory publishing is corroding the reliability of research,” and as Junk Food Science continues: “Nowadays, all of us are on our own to question everything, seek out original sources and do our own fact-checking, research and critical thinking. You’ll be surprised at how much of what “everyone knows” is not true.”
Extinction Alarmists becoming extinct  Extinction evidence points to only 5 mass extinctions not 6
Extinction alarmists going extinct? Aeon Magazine now complains it is not species but decreasing populations we should fear. Moving-the-Goalposts logical fallacy in action?Political Myths abound, explains Roger Pielke Jnr, about science and technology in the economy and broader society. Data show the politically manufactured Green Revolution in 1966s “starving” India was really in famine-free conditions but used as “evidence” for the overpopulation “problem”. Oh well. Today population fears continue, now its the West’s aging populations, ignoring evidence of the growing 2.1+ children trend in richer societies.
Famine free 1966 India receives food shipments from USA to keep up the overpopulation myth  Population Fears - this time its aging
So, humans, If at first you don’t succeed …”, lets keep the vision high. Lets look for life everywhere, care for our populations and planet. But lets also keep our feet on the ground, mired in evidence based on the scientific method and logical arguments. So we may soon find that life down here is happy and that the advanced intelligent life out there is  … us. :-)
Interstellar film - Cooper Station - cylindrical spinning space colony
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