Achieving Aims

7 billion people on Earth, 3.6 billion with little or no electricity & Earth Hour-ers burn oil candles in the dark to “raise awareness” about our healthy and blooming planet … keeping “them” there. From Children’s Crusades to Witch Hunts to Eugenics to … Lets aim higher.
Human Achievement Hour - making our world better for ALL humans and now
Electricity - 3.6 billion with little or none         Human Achievement Hour - making ALL humans better
Our fossil fuel and food demonizingeco-loons” are again in full retreat this month: “The next time that somebody at a rally against fossil fuels lectures you about her concern for the fate of her grandchildren, show her a picture of an African child dying today from inhaling the dense muck of a smoky fire.Apoplectic they went, against counter evidence.
Fossil Fuel fracking producing cheaper more abundant energy for the world Biomass burners missing out on fossil fuelled electricity so that enviros can feel-good about saving-the-planet Food production records are twice broken already in 2015 Food Nutrition fantasy advice
Food bonanzas rebreak 2015s predictions :”the world’s farmers have provided a growing population with more food per head, year after year, largely without cultivating extra land or using extra water or chemicals.” Time to crack down on enviro-ideologists so all can enjoy the cornucopia? Govt dietary “food plate” advice is facing heavy attacks: For decades, they’ve been told what to eat because “science says so.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be true.” Jon Stewart has fun with Govt Academy Dieticians too :-)
Food Dieticians get embarassed by straight talking Jon Stewart   Galileos Middle Finger -  Alice Dreger - science defending the scientific method in society
However some academy scientists are trying to distinguish the pursuit of knowledge from political ideology: Academic freedom is the freedom of the faculty to teach and speak out as the fruits of their research and scholarship dictate, even though their conclusions may be unpopular or contrary to public opinion.” The new Galileo’s Middle Finger also sets the science achievement bar high, as it should:  “the “stunningly lazy attitude toward precision and accuracy in many branches of academia”. In her view, chasing grants and churning out papers now take the place of quality and truth. It is a situation exacerbated by a media that can struggle when covering scientific controversies, and by strong pressures from activists with a stake in what the evidence might say.” Lets be better!
Aiming to Achieve Brady

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