Whence Waves Wither

Big Bang BICEP2 bombs. Gravitational waves disappear under the withering skeptical gaze of the scientific method. A worrying disregard for the scientific method in some very senior scientists who really should know better” – Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Out of the dust arises this mezmerizing magnetic Van Gogh Starry Night of galactic polarised light.
Planck Satellite map 2015 - Milky Way galaxy and cosmic dust and magnetic fields
Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh - 1889   Galaxy dust polarised light
The relentless 21stC spring cleaning of the global scientific establishment continues apace. What pushes scientists to lie? dissects Japanese stem cell fraudster Ms Haruko Obokata. Fat, the food that keeps on giving. Investigator Nina Teicholtz’ results spur the US Gov to withdraw cholesterol warnings and UK Gov to rethink saturated fat advice. Government dietary fat recommendations were untested in any trial prior to being introduced.”
Stem Cell fraud reaches new heights with Japanese researcher Haruko Obokata Cholesterol advice scrapped after 30 years Fat food advice all in the brain and no real world evidence base Temperature adjusting up in  South America
Global Warming has just taken more body blows. World-UN Climate Panel chief Pachauri  resigns amid sexual harassment police charges. US Congress to investigate NASA & NOAA tampering of world temperature records: cooling down the past & warming up the present. But hey, we all make some simple silly mistakes sometimes. Right? … Right? … Oh ….. Opposing our Dark Media, a bit of world optimism, orNote Black Velvet, if you pleaseNote :-)Democracy: up; child safety: superb; war deaths: flatlined; homicides: drop. That’s good!
Democracy beats Autocracy in todays world Children become safer and safer War deaths decrease and stay down worldwide Homicides decrease around the world
Paraphrasing Sweden’s Johan Norberg: Science & technology should be a place where innovations and ideas are protected from fear and hostility until they have had a chance to prove themselves, so we don’t lose experiments and knowledge to better our futures.
Whipping up the Withering Brady

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