Best Year Ever & Again

Happy Hominans,
Well well well, we’ve won once again :-)
Optimism 1 Optimism 2
World cereal stocks at the close of crop seasons ending in 2015 would surge to 627.5 million tonnes, up 8.3 % from an already large volume at the start of the season and its highest level in 15 years.” and Compared with any time in the past half century, the world as a whole is today wealthier, healthier, happier, cleverer, cleaner, kinder, freer, safer, more peaceful and more equal.” 
Food harvests at record levels ... again Extreme weather deaths decreasing light happiness
This calls for a song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 
 Manot 1 calvaria skull piece - the oldest remains of modern humans
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when, Sometimes I never want to see you again,   I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear, You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, Still the one — and I wouldn’t switch,
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note

But hey, lets not let boring data replace scary stories. “Ocean Deaths Now!” scientivists’  Note hearts Note are jump-started back to the scientific method“biases; no evidence; not skeptical”. Even no-raw-data-required Nature science journal distances itself from ocean alarmists’ “groupthink”. However our PC media are still not with Charlie here.
Warm Bodies - The Number Don't Lie - Evidence jump-starts the group-thinking heart of Science  Ocean jellyfish not dying out or taking over the oceans  Charlie Free Speech rocks Science too
“2014: Warmest Ever!”
becomes: only 38% chance, after 1997 & 2005, not statistically significant, continuing cooling trend. Still warmer than the 1850s Little Ice Age. Great!        These sorts of Pathological Politicized Science and its Stealth Advocates are now being reined in with Honest Broker restraints in the EU & US. 
Warmest Year Ever becomes 3rd warmest and still cooling Honest Brokers try not to be Stealth Advocates Honest Brokers and Pathological Politicization of Science
So, let’s end the old and begin 2015 with this amazing image of stars like sand grains in our next door Andromeda Galaxy, on its way to meet us in 4 billion years. However, what with us making new worlds of Ceres (between Mars & Jupiter) and Pluto in 2015, & Kepler data narrowing in on Earth 2.0s, then maybe, with even more scientific optimism, Andromeda Galaxy stars up close and personal as never before
… we’ll visit these wonderful Andromeda worlds years sooner than that.
Aiming High Hominan Brady

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