Bulk Brane Beings

Great thinking & Groupthink. Shooting to the stars & stuck-in-the-mud. Such are we humans. Well, we’re working at it. :-) On 5 Dec NASAs new Orion spacecraft completed its successful flight test, ready for asteroid mining. And building deep space habitats?
Orion space craft in successful test flight ready for deep space missions Image: Manned mission
Meanwhile, back in the mud, the CO2 OCO2 satellite, even with 1/8 year data & 15ppmv range, drives another stake into Global Warming, with CO2 red spots in Greenland etc. More garlic arriving in 2015? Greenpeace: Planet Saviour™, just redrew Peru’s most pristine 2000yr old Nazca Line, but .. can it recant? And the Swedish Postcode Lottery is one of their biggest donors. Oh well.
OCO2 Carbon Dioxide satellite - even now showing problems the man made global warming theory Greenpeace's new Nazca Lines - Dec 2014 to Dec 4014
British Medical Journal articles support again investigator Nina Teicholz’s claim of the evidence poor base of Govts’ food plates. “Many findings are entirely implausible … many of which present grossly implausible observational claims. Poor biomedical science … the great unreliability of most studies linking nutrition to disease and mortality, ..whether it’s total fat, saturated fat, trans fats, sugar, or salt.” So much human folly. :-(
Big Fat Surprise - how human folly advises human nutritionFat is an evidence equal on a nutritious dietVegetable oils correlate better with heart disease than fatsNutrition advised run by normal human group think and greed
Ocean “acidification”: Dr Feely’s (Obama & UN advisor) data shows post-1988 cherry picked computer modelled trend (pink line), leaving out 80 years of pH values (2.5 million points) showing natural varying alkaline oceans (grey & blue lines). Not good.  On an up note, the poison loving sea slug joins the list of 221 new 2014 animal and plants species. None extinct (nor likely) due to our cooling warming world. That’s good!
Ocean Acidification - Not. Red line is post 1988 computer modelled trend, blue line is all data Poison Loving Sea Slug - one of 221 newly discovered species
Meanwhile, saner voices (on video games & violence) were saying: This research may help society focus on issues that really matter and avoid devoting unnecessary resources to the pursuit of moral agendas with little practical value.” Good thinking to be more widely applied to other muddy Groupthink. And, more confidence for humans from our space faring enthusiasts: “The … reason for spreading into deep space … is … due to humanity’s desire for knowledge or adventure … humans both in the past and present are … bright enough to solve their own problems and build wondrous devices in the process … the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors and our present selves, who have done and learned some amazing things without any external assistance and beaten some very strong odds against us and our societies.”
Tesseract transports Cooper 10 billion light years back to Earth in a few minutes - Interstellar movie - exploring why gravity is so different from other object in our Universe Tesseract - 5th dimensional transport Black Hole Galaxy NGC 4261 -  400 million solar masses - streching gravity to its limits     Brane stretched by gravity into the Bulk of 5 dimensions    Bulk Brane gravitons forming
Finally, fascinating christmas caring Interstellar thinking, about 5D Bulk beings tesseract transporting human beings across 10 billion light years, in minutes, to be with loved ones. Is this a step towards reconciling gravity & quantum theory? Let’s use our branes brains & let the evidence decide. And so look forward to more New Year’s cheer :-)
Bulky Being Brady

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