As We Are Wont

Doing like we do, we are on the way up. Our International Space Station is permanently crewed (now with 2 women & 4 men). The Orion spacecraft lifts off on 4 Dec for trips to the Moon, Mars & asteroids. The Rosetta space probe orbits Comet 67P & its Philae lander just made a bumpy touchdown. Planets beckon and The Galaxy awaits.
International Space Sataion and Earth below our Galaxy
Down on Earth, chocolate is plentiful, and that is always good. :-) World Poor are getting richer and are now able to savour the dark brown delights of cacao. As usual the alarmists spin this good news as the coming Chocolypse (to support UN-Obama climate action?). Climate continues cooling, for 20 years now (20 to go?) Beaufort polar bears are booming & the Black Footed Ferret is back from being extinct for 20 years. Is there a pattern here? “Group failures often have disastrous consequences—not merely for businesses, nonprofits, and governments, but for all those affected by them.” Enviros, Climatists, Energy Doomers & Medical Malpracticers … can they be better?
Chocolate now becoming affordable for the world's poor   Black Footed Ferret alive and well after being extinct for 20 years   Dumb Groups - can they get smarterYes indeed! Making Dumb Groups Smarter authors Sunstein & Hastie moan how groups: amplify errors; follow the statements & actions of those who spoke/acted first; take up extreme positions; don’t take into account critical information that only one or a few people have. What to do? : Silence the loud leader; “Prime” critical thinking tasks; reward group success not individuals; appoint devil’s advocates & “red teams” to find mistakes and exploit vunerabilities in the group’s thinking. Now, that should be easy.Ambition - the Rosetta space probe PR video explains wonderfully the human drive for knowledge and realizing possibilities
Ambition (ESAs Rosetta space probe PR video) explains the human quest for ever more knowledge and the realizing of possibilities “We fall, we pick ouselves up again and we adapt”. So, lets get up & do it, again.
Wonting Brady

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