Bendy Boundaries

Our local Universe just expanded. The Lanniakea supercluster of galaxies520 million light years across and our Milky Way galaxy just a blue dot, but …WOW, what a view! :-)
Laniakea Supercluster with our Milky Way galaxy in blue
Let’s get back to Earth & not forget our save-the-worlders’ own moving tipping points too. Future temps are now decreasing; Antarctic ice is again at record highs; Arctic ice is increasing & Ozone is waltzing naturally. “Half global wildlife lost” becomes:  computer  Living-Planet-Index modelled animals, undetected by science, guessed in possible decline. Hmm … Now, they are, how shall we say, … inconvenient truths :-)
Antarctica Sea Ice record again in Sept 2014 Arctic ice extent up again in 2014  Ozone minimum show no trends since first detection  Animals populations still largely alarmist guesswork
Seems maybe they need to value knowledge more. Says Steven Pinker eloquently –  “they should appreciate that objective knowledge is a precious commodity, and know how to distinguish vetted fact from superstition, rumor, and unexamined conventional wisdom. They should know how to reason logically and statistically, avoiding the fallacies and biases to which the untutored human mind is vulnerable. They should think causally rather than magically, and know what it takes to distinguish causation from correlation and coincidence. They should be acutely aware of human fallibility, most notably their own, and appreciate that people who disagree with them are not stupid or evil. Accordingly, they should appreciate the value of trying to change minds by persuasion rather than intimidation or demagoguery.”
Common Dignity leading to the joys of our modern world  How we got to now - Steven Johnson - technology driving our better world
And as Bourgeoise Dignity argues in an enormously optimistic telling … about just how lucky we are … we are rich—really rich—compared to our ancestors of only a short time ago. What was different after 1800, and with unstoppable force after 1900, was a novel and immense and sustained, almost lunatic, regime of innovation, finally breaking the Malthusian curse“. And as Steven Johnson writes of our amazing present –  the more we build up vast repositories of scientific and technological understanding, the more we conceal them”. … your ability to tell the time today depends on somebody understanding how electrons circulate within cesium atoms; the knowledge of how to send signals to satellites; the ability to trigger steady vibrations in blocks of silicon dioxide; and much more. None of which you need to know as you glance at your watch or smartphone. Disappearing limitations. Good!
Boundary Bender Brady

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