Cometary Cornucopias

Rosetta space probe now pioneer orbiting Comet 67P selects landing sites for a 11 Nov touchdown. Another small step to asteroid mining then … human space colonies?

Even down on Earth an abundance of meteoric betterments are flowing -“Compared with any time in the past half century, the world as a whole is today wealthier, healthier, happier, cleverer, cleaner, kinder, freer, safer, more peaceful and more equal.” Extreme weather deaths decreasing  light happiness
Not to mention, more food available – “The new harvest in 2014-15 is expected to be above average for the second year in a row and reach 303 million tonnes ” … and better fed too – “The corresponding [undernourished] world decrease … is also 17% – from 1.015 billion in 1990-2 to 842 million in 2011-2013. ” However we in the West are still following 40 year old health & nutrition mistakes. In Sweden, 100s of9th Grade Geography & Biology alarmist test-makers can’t even answer their own questions. Oh well.
 Sweden's Year 9 National Test in Biology 2014 for 15 year olds ... what a group thinking mess Burgoieois Dignity - the art of enriching the world
Our present Great Enrichment came from innovation, says Deirdre McCloskey – millions more have gas heating, cars, smallpox vaccinations, indoor plumbing, cheap travel, rights for women, lower child mortality, adequate nutrition, taller bodies, doubled life expectancy, schooling for their kids, newspapers, a vote, a shot at university and respect.” Now that’s astronomical progress!
Comet Cornucopian Brady

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