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Finding freedom across the Aegean, at the 4thC BC architypal Lindos Acropolis, with the exquisite Aphrodite Bathing & Zorba dancing, to the joy of life. But, back down to Earth  
Lardos Beach. southern Rhodes, Greece - 11am Tues 17 July 2014 Lindos Akropolis - Rhodes - Athena Temple - Dorian 4thC BC Aphrodite Bathing 2ndC BC - Rhodes Archaeological Museum - 11am Thurs 17 July 2014 Dancing to the Joy of Life - Zorba the Greek (1964) 
Ooowee … we are getting better. Kepler-93b: 300 light years away, 3.8 super-Earth size, 1/6 Mercury distance, around a 90% Sun-like star, 760°C, 3 independent data sources (Keck, Spitzer & Kepler) → 1.481 Earth radius ± … wait for it … 119 km – WOW!
Kepler-93b measured with real scientific accuracy
Now, lets observe the accuracy of our Sol-1d pseudo-scientivists.  The Plastics-in-Oceans scare is now 1000x less panicky. Was it ever a problem? EU recycling laws shown wasting 45mins/house/week of “slave” time, money & energy. The Radon scare is found, again,  “not statistically significant” in 57 000 Danes. The fat, cheese & sugar scarers have now apologised: “It is also time to apologise to my family for all the useless advice I’ve been giving them“. Ignore Govt health advice to get healthy? UK alarmist Guardian newspaper complains alarmist scientists, politicians & journalists are using fear & panic to get money, fame & power. Pot meet kettle. And the world cools, now for 17 yrs & 10 mths.
Plastic in Oceans- was it ever there  Recycling- bad ofr environment, wastes time, energy and money and 45 mins per person per day unpaid labour for recycling companies  Fat is back now with a science evidence base  Scientists spreading alarmism 
So, fear not, the democratization of science by the internet continues apace. Scientists are challenged for evidence and logic. The school principles of “Good Education, and Bad” are being rediscovered (even in Sweden) – knowledgeable teachers, hard working students, helping parents & quiet classrooms, supported by long-sighted laws. Academic Freedom (absent of politics, ideology & revolution) is defendedknowledge sought for its own sake. The life-of-the-mind, the precious human quality of searching for the truth (its immediate pleasure from responsible & rigorous performance) is again enlightening our world. Good!Does Education Matter - Alison Wolf - knowledge is more important than politics   Good Education and Bad - Inger Enkvist - hand working students and supportive parents are most important   Academic Freedom - Stanley Fish 2014
So, time to ponder the paleoproterozoic, to imagine Banded Iron Formations settling on microcontintents accreting via volcanic island arcs onto Archean cratons 2 billion years ago. Time to touch convergent oceanic crust created green pyroxene & pink pegmatite crystals. Time to gaze & wonder out across the ice sheet smoothed shores of a sunny Eastern Sea.
Volcanic Island Arc fromed from microcontinents converged onto ancient cratons Green Pyroxene formed when oceanic crust descended under continental crust Pink Pegmatitie decimeter-size crystals, Nothamn, north of Stockholm Glacier rounded diorite rocks south of Nothamn, north of Stockholm  
Life of the Mind enjoying Brady

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