Pleisto Probers,
Searching for truths from the past? Well, plan on digging deep.
Homo antecessor on English mudflats 800 000 years ago
Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprint Homo antecessor's Happisburgh storm dug beach with footprints on the dark fossil mudflats Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprint directions of walking Homo antecessor's 3D photogrammetric footprints
Pleistocene Homo antecessor 800 000 year old footprints found and now washed away on English storm dug Happisburg beach pushing out Neanderthals as the earliest Europeans.  Science journal admits its evidence gold standard: p-value statistics is wrong. Oh dear. The beauty of science; “the more you find out, the more you realise what you did not know.” 
Paleofantasy One - Daryl Hannah as Ayla in Clan of the Cave Bear film  Paleofantasy Two - 21stC humans trying to revert to a paleo Golden Age Best Evolved state
Movie stars, weather forecasters & politicians thinking they are each other are going native with death-spiral™ climate paleofantasies. Then calling for the purging of rationally opposing skeptics & scientists. Oh dear, back to the paleo-Soviet 1950s? EUs most enviro-scared & “in a bubble” Sweden invests heavily in olden solar & wind power as Uber-Green neighbours cut back furiously. Is Paleoenergy a fear driven tax money supported fantasy? 
UK floods blamed on Global Warming by politicos, Greens & Media until … a 2005 UK Environment Agency policy directive is found saying – “Let it flood“. Apologies? Not.       UK Met Office in Nov predicted a drier than normal winter. 13 of 14 wrong. What a mess.
 UK Floods - river dredging stopped by UK Environment Agency in 2005  UK Floods in a Met Office predicted drier-than-normal winter Met Office 13 of 14 UK predictions wrongUK floods PM Cameron lost in Climate & Green Ideology
As the famous world factist Julian Simon noted – people were inclined to believe the very worst about anything and everything; they were immune to contrary evidence just as if they’d been medically vaccinated against the force of fact. I blame our paleofantasizing Homo antecessor brains for driving today’s prelapsarian pseudoscience.
  Planck Universe All Matter Lensing Map Planck Universe Supernovae data do not fit 
Sweden’s Feb 2014 Celsius Prize winning Planck satellite cosmologist George Efstathiou digs deep into the data producing a map of all the matter in our observable Universe (WOW!) …but questions the Universe expansion rate. New physics coming?Sweden’s Feb 2014 Linnean Prize winning evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk inveighs against  “paleo-nostalgia” —the notion that we were all better off before agriculture, or civilization, or the Industrial Revolution. There has been no point in our past when we were perfectly adapted to our environment. No perfect past diet, energy, lifestyle, climate, ecosystem ever existed. We have already evolved away (new lactose persistent genes) from our past and are molding ourselves to our world as it changes again. 
Paleofantasy - the book 2013 - Madelene Zuk - human evolution continues and we are not the same as then Meat to Salad - correct ratio is 2 to1
Our Pleistobrains are now being adapted to our 21stC globalising world through mind tools such as critical thinking. Just like the 3Rs (reading, writing & arithmetic) the 4th R (reasoning) is spreading up through the generations now leaving us less gullible, deceived & deluded by today’s primal scares. Let’s dig in to that! 🙂   
Paleofactasizing Brady

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