Best Year Ever Again

Happy Hominans,  
Well well well, we’ve won once again  🙂   
     Optimism 1           Optimism 2
By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been. People are living longer, healthier lives.” Food access is up: The USDA is now projecting world record harvests [again] for corn, wheat, and rice for 2013/2014.” growing 30% faster than population, trebling since 1960. Great!
Africa with the world rushing ahead to a bright future
Even in sub-Saharan  Africa life spans are up to 57 years and schooling up to 75%. World poverty is down over 80% in 40 years. Global income is equalising thanks to the new middle classes of the emerging economies.  Global economic growth is accelerating 800%exponentially while population grew by 300%.
Global Poverty Rates declining rapidly - Chen and Ravillion 2010  Global Income - increasing for most of the world  Global GDP rising rapidly - Pielke 2014 Global Income - from a 1960s camel world to a 2014 dromedary world 
This calls for a  song. A hug-your-hominans song! Note Still the One Note 

Origins of Us - hominans on the African savannah - getting better all the time   
NoteWe’ve been together since way back when, Sometimes I never want to see you again, I want you to know, after all these years, you’re still the one I want whisperin in my ear, You’re still the one — who can scratch my itch, Still the one — and I wouldn’t switch,
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. Note 
🙂 Europe abandons its climate-CO2 policies & cuts out wind and solar subsidies amidst rocketing energy costs, plummeting economies and massive job losses. Global warming Prof Turney disobeys his captain and gets 51 enviro-tourists and Media stuck in record high Antarctic ice while searching for no ice – 4 fossil fueled rescue ships called in 🙂
Three skeptics make UK Energy & Climate politicians look like clever dugongs. So many scientists sold their skeptical souls for grants & groupthink, fame & fortune. What a waste.
Sun sets on the Solar industry  Green Taxes double UK energy costs Global Warming scientists stuck in Antarctic Ice while looking for no ice UK Energy and Climate politicians lose out to 3 skeptics
Elsewhere, the Gaia space probe is now detail-mapping 1/3 of our Galaxy, like Columbus bringing home a satillite map of both Americas, instead of his Carribean scrawl. Wow!         Also, our democracy and civilisation attains new heights driven by ordinary individuals’ choices not ideologies “… monogamy reduces crime rates, including rape, murder, assault, robbery and fraud, as well as decreasing personal abuses . . . increases savings, child investment and economic productivity.” More opportunities for meritorious monogamy!
 Gaia space probe now mapping one third of our Galaxy in 5 years    Marriage and Monogamy making Civilization better
Our “But, but, but …” misguided missing-evidence Malthusian pessimists continue their contiguous 5000 year long losing streak. Just a bit of bad luck Boys? From the hominan heavens to our human hearts … 2014 should make us even better, and be exciting too.  🙂
Reasonably Optimistic Brady

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