Christmas Elves

Earth Wind Map: entrancing, ephemeral, mesmerising, hypnotic, wonderful. Lone Java Script learner Cameron Beccario in Japan beats hands down Big Gov NCEP & NOAA with their dull monocrome US only try. Lesson learned? –Notemore Bottom Up not Top DownNote
World Wind Map - north polar view    Comet ISON and solar close shave 1 Dec 2013  Europa - moon by Galileo space probe and water vapour data by Hubble Space Telescope (2012)
Comet ISON defied scientist’s doom predictions (sound familiar?) and survived it’s solar close shave. NASA “finds” water fountains erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa one week after US Congress cuts their Europa space probe. Hmm … But Europe’s ESA Europa probe goes ahead. Politicized space science anyone? 🙂
Bicycle Helmets - more group think and fear than sensible science   World Agricultural Output Continues to Rise
The BMJ shows bicycle helmets are more about fear & fashion, profit & power & public pressure than safety & science. Interesting. Bicycle helmeteers : Dutch 0.1%, Sweden 15%; US 38% & Australia is … banning biking 😉 “World agricultural output continues to rise, despite predictions of decline“. Good! Another pretense of knowledge by our Malthusians.
      Bad Pharma - how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients      Winter Cold brings excess deaths to the elderly       Excess Winter Deaths increasing due to higher electricity bills due to higher green energy costs    Environmentalism Fails - David Suzuki (Canada's Top Green) complains of the weakness of others 
Big Medicine are now being shamed into releasing their own drug trial results to relieve their patients’ “avoidable suffering & death“. Big Enviros hightest paid man US EPA’s John Beale is jailed for $1 million in fraud. UK Big “New” Energy & EU Big Gov team up to increase energy poverty & excess winter deathsWhere the corruption and personal enrichment ends and mere incompetence begins is hard to ascertain …”Hobbit 2 - out of the sickly wood on to the open waters
When did we let evil become stronger than us?” Tauriel, more critical thinking can help. Banishing cherry-picked data and logical fallacies will drive these parasite-like orc packs from our 21stC elvish-becoming globalising lands.
Human Brain Connectome or brain wiring diagram  Connectome by Sebastian Seung - mapping the electrical circuits of our brains neuron by neuron   Elvish Peacefulness ahead - Steven Pinker book
So, lets get mapping the electrical circuits of our ape brain Connectome, seeing how these “evils” can be controlled & so produce even more elf-like wonders in humans & our world. 
Hobbit too Brady 🙂

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