Alien Thinking

Whodathunk? Not many it seems.
World weath increasing around the world  Optimistic facts (about nutrition, health, education etc.) are not trendy thoughts, nor Media money makers. Swedish statistics display innovator Hans Rosling shows beautifully how the poor are getting richer faster than the rich in all countries in greater numbers 🙂
Ignorance of people fueled ny the Media  Nutrition Advice Fatally Flawed 
Testing also shows that we Westerners now know less about basic world facts than random banana snatching chimps. He blames The Media, I blame our ape-made brains. 40 years of Food Advice fibs flood the nutrition world. Now food advice skepticism is growing. Good!Haiyan crossing the Phillipine coast  Typhoon intensity decreasing  Typhoon naturally produced Typhoon landfalls decreasing
Typhoon Haiyan vs The Media – Typhoon says: busiest season 1964, not 2013; Catagory 4 storm, not 5; landfall wind speeds 235 kmph, not 235 mph; mortality 1774, not 10 000; natural, not globally warmed. The Media says the opposite. Groan, again.   
Green Crap - UKs prime minister is feeling the public pressure too  Japan abandons CO2 decreases   Australia stops the carbon tax too Green trend decreasing worldwide
UK, Japan & Australia drop The Green, with Canada applauding on. Trend lines anyone? Science is not the enemy. Getting risks right & checking scientific claims is a must. An even better world will be based on skeptical-tested evidence & reason, not on ideology (-ists). 
 Solar Interstellar Neighborhood  Exo-Planet Candidates - Nov 2013  Earth size habitable zone planets abound  Kepler field of view - looking and finding earth like habitable zone planets  
Alien Life Forms maybe just 12 light years away
NASAs Kepler exoplanet searching satellite is now defunct but its researchers boldly make assumptions where no man has dared before. They posit non-boring life among 40 billion Earthy worlds, some just 12 light years away, modelled on only 10 candidates, based on no  Earth orbit-like Earths surveyed! But hey, let’s be constructive 😉 and not be strangers in our own land, so we can tell about our terrific terrestrial truths, when we meet “them”.
Alien fact loving Brady

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