Toxic Tonics

The Scientific Method, a healing brew to most sciences, a debilitating poison to some. Good.
Galaxy at 13.1 billion years old - most distant as at Oct 2013  Dark Matter not found in the Xenon 1000 detector ... yet
Galaxy z8_GND_5296 is now the farthest, at confirmed redshift 7.51 or 13.1 billion years ago, only 700 million years after the Big Bang. However, the Dark Matter that made the galaxies has not been found … yet, by the 20x more sensitive LUX experiment. Keep on looking! Conversely, The Economist bravely battles to clean up “dirty” science, showing how up to 80% of the “soft” sciences (blue squares) can be wrong (dark blue). Oh dear. 
      False positive science papers can make up to two thirds of peer reviewed articles        Global Warming - making our world a happier place
The Global Warming hypothesis fails more testing as evidence against the UNs IPCC CO2 cools out below all predictions. But not to worry, the UN has also just appointed a 26 strong PC-spread UNESCO board of catastrophe friendly politicised scientists (incl. IPCCs head -Pauchari) to provide “up-to-date and rigorous science” to “influence” politicians. Groan.
UNs IPCC AR5 (2013) is more certain with contradictory evidence   UNs UNESCO supporting politicized science around the world Greenpeace NOT Peaceful protest at Russian Arctic oil rig  Stray Cats - Runaway Boys (1981)
Also, we’re-saving-the-world Greenpeace’s slow & clipped video contradicts the Russian coastguard’s full version of these CO2-driven “Arctic-30 hooligans” in action. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive -Marmion -Walter Scott (1808)
Note Time for a song: Stray CatsRunaway Boys (1981) Note… for our Lost Boys of Science 🙂
Consiousness as a reverberating feedback signal Consiousness as a signal crossing a threshold of ignition Consciousness arising in the central thalmus giving global ignition through rich club neurones Consiousness contemplating the joy of our Universe under a starlit tree
Good science requires conscious control. What’s that? Well, consciousness is, suggests neuroscience evidence, the central thalmus neurone loops, activating the whole cortex, through richly connected neurone nodes. Scientific control comes through slavish addiction to the scientific method and logical argumentation. These are toxic tonics to fantasy world views, but also make our world even better daily … good enough to enjoy & ponder together our Universe’s edges under some starlit greenery.
Consciously Contemplating Brady

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