Atomly Active

Factual Fanatics,
242 movie stills of 1 nanometer distant oxygen atoms in 65 carbon monoxide molecules on a copper atom base at a 5K temp makes the “coolest” active atom application ever 🙂   
Atoms and their boy movie
   Atoms and the nanometer  Atom moving nanotechnology 2
Reducing 1 bit from 1 million atoms down to 12 in an iron (Fe) magnet, brings quantum computing benefits (storing all the world’s movies on your iPhone) much closer. WOW!
Nick Lewis 1 IPCC AR5 black observation now below and outside  all 38 climate model predictions David Attenborough smiles at his human plague
If skeptics sayblack!” but 97% of climate scientists (& politicians & Media & Enviros) see red, then, is this a problem? 🙂 Observations are now decoupled below all climate models. Sir David (smiling) gets his human population “plaguebackwards with our numbers and “peak farmland” in decline as food yields, species & wildernesses increase. Oh dear David.
    Brainwashed - how coloured pictures too easily make minds believe they understand the brain  Happy and Sad brains or just scientists making mistakes again   Touching a Nerve - Patricia Churchland on brain possibilities or overcoming the neurones versus sychology problem
Is that just peaking oxygen in your brain or are you happy to see me? Neuroscientists seduced by flashy colours or a scintilating new technology solving millennia old dilemmas?
Astronomy Picture of the Year 2013 - A hydrogen filled sky - our Milky Way galaxy from New Zealands North Island
Finally, hydrogen atoms never looked so gorgeous as from Cape Palliser, New Zealand clinching 2013s best astrophoto of our Galaxy’s center, 26000 light years distant.
Fascinated Atomic Factist Activist Brady 🙂

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