Proactionary Thriving

Sharp See-ers,
MagAO now splits the 4 beautiful Trapezium stars, near Orion’s Belt, more sharply than ever before. Seeing more clearly has real world applications too. Let’s also try some new  Adaptive Optics of our own to “overcome atmospheric turbulence, which plagues Earth based” politicized science today. So, looking sharply through The Media “hot air” we see …
The 4 stars in The Trapezium in the Orion Nebula new shown as double bu MagAO       The 4 stars in The Trapezium in the Orion Nebula now shown as doubles by the MagAO The 4 stars in The Trapezium in the Orion Nebula separated as doubles by the MagAO 2
Out with the certainty-chaining precautionary, IN with the Proactionary Principle: which  “valorizes calculated risk-taking as essential to human progress”, our species’ defining activity. Forget sustainable (& survivable & resilience), IN with 2-steps-ahead Thrivable, producing a working world + an Antifragile one with “joy, delight and awe“.     Proactionary Principle in action - calculated risk taking leads to progress which is our defining species trait   Thriving - the way humans have always succeeded 
So, what’s up? Arctic ice is UP 73% (green) & Antarctic ice is again at record highs. The world cools & the new UN climate report (IPCC AR5) is condemned, again and again. Europe pulls the Green plug on renewables: a bad idea(ology), best forgotten?    
Arctic Ice expanding early - green means 73 percent extra ice not there this time a year ago  Cooling Global Warming - name changes do NOT change natural temperature cycles Europe pulls the plug on Green energy               Dematerialization of Modern Civilization   Abundance - the world is now full of fantastic solutions  Antifragile - welcoming uncertainty and disorder to thrive 2 What a Wonderful World - Louise Armstrong - and its getting EVEN better 
Our human created abundant resources are even less needed as our globalizing civilization now dematerializes. This all under a business-as-usual human drive for thriving progress, despite staunch & continued Enviro-warrior resistance. Humanity wins out again 🙂 
Earth from under Saturns Rings - our planet so wonderful in the expanse of space
Behold then, this enigmatic wandering pale blue dot (as seen by future proactive starship explorers returning laden with warming hearts) our Notewonder homeNote  – Earth.
Stellarly Proactionary Brady 🙂

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