Sunning in the Silurian

Time to dream of distant shores, time to let imaginations soar.                                           Time to search for worlds afar, time to reach out for the stars. 
Silurian Sweden (red line points to Goland, Sweden)  Silurian Coral Seas
Gute Land in the Eastern Sea awaits me.  430 million years deep in time, 100m deep in clear coral seas. Cephalaspis, our fish ancestors, struggle to safety out onto sunny Silurian shores (at 12:20). Intelligence overcomes predator Brontoscorpio, and here we are today. 
Silurian Sweden 430 million years ago with Gotland in the box  Silurian preditor sea scorpions missing the most of the more numerous and intelligent jawless fish evolving into first land animals  Silurian fossils - Rugosa corals and Crinoid sea lillies - at Ireviken on Gotland Sweden  Brady fossil hunting under Silurian fossil coral cliffs at Ireviken on Gotland Sweden - 23 June 2013
So, how is it going with our own struggles out of the sea? You know, our Silurian-like insanities, our modern-day madnesses (health & energy scares, enviro- & techno– panics). “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” – Charles McKay (1841)
Food Scares - not trusting humans to feed themselves  Energy madness - scares drives up electricity prices costing jobs and creating energy poverty  Against Environmental Panic - Politicizied Environmentalism - how NOT to make the world an even better place  Apocalypse Not - end-of-the-world doomsday technology predictions slowing human progesss 
Well, we are on the way. The 4Rs: reading, writing, arithmetic & reasoning, now spread through the generations, lifting us out of our tribal status climbing. New-Enlightenment (science & reason) thinkers in Europe, America and globally battle our present day predators, asking for all data & code, freely available, over the internet & to everyone.
Reaching out for the stars - Asteroid manned mission set for 2020s
So now, in controlling our ape-human error-prone brains, first we reach out for the asteroids, next we go to Mars … then on and out to the stars!          
Stellar Swedish Silurian summer salutations,
Paleogeographic & Astrodemographic Brady
Next: Pondering the Permian 🙂

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