Straighten Up & Fly Right

Oooooooooo … we’re on the way out 🙂
First Dirk Hartog in 1616, then Tranqility Base in 1969, next up Kepler-69c before 2322? 
  Kepler satellite Field-of-View     Kepler 69c system
Kepler 5 Earth-like planets line-up April 2013
Second star to the right and straight on till morning – Kepler satellite finds “another”  🙂 However, back in the mud, pseudosciencers are failing to find their global warming worlds, as 15 year temperatures nosedive into cooler times. The just-in-casers and do-gooders are doubting. Even school boards & their tests are falling back to evidence-based Earth. Good!
 Economist doubts global warming    Climate change cut from 2013 British school curriculum and tests    World Temps falling for 15 years as CO2 increases   Climate models outside real observed temperatures
So, how about some more brain cells for our stone age cortexes (courtesy of Dr Lerner) to keep us from groupthink and our other tribal pleistocene emotions. And maybe a brain software enlightening book, to keep our thoughts  straightened up and flying right .
Brain combined cells from Stem cells - Dr Lerner   Thinking fast and slow - Daniel Kahneman  Straighten up and fly right
 Right flying trying Brady

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