Light Hunters

Fleet-footed Ferreters,
We travel fast, we travel light
We’re going hunting in the night

Planck satellite map of the early universe - 21 March 2013
At 13.82 billion years young, normal mass up to 27% and Hubble expansion speed of 68, our newest primeval Universe map never looked better. Big Bang Theory still triumphant. Night hunting for truth in the dark spaces of science   Fossil Fuels making the Earth greener  Earth Hour-bad idea. More electricity-good idea for the OTHER 1.3 billion people in energy poverty  Climategate 3.0 - one man exposing dark collusion for political behind climate data
Hunt, hunt, hunt … Matt Ridley shines an evidence-based light on our greening fossil fueled world: crops up & land use down; forests & animal numbers up – the Greenies are down too. Björn Lomborg states the obvious: 1.3 billion people need electricity now– Earth Hour nosedives. Mr FOIA releases the Climategate 3.0 emails – global warmer “scientist” hate-mail exposes The Team again, as our globe now cools naturallyglobally 🙂
Night hunters return to real science in the light of the evidence-based world Sunspot 1692 aims at the earth on 15 March 2013  Solar Flare and CME shot out from sunspot AR1692 on 15 Mar 2013  Aurora Borealis from Hubble Space telescope    
Back in reason’s sunlight, the SOHO sun probe caught sunspot AR1692 shooting outM-1 solar flare which as predicted hit Earth 2 days later showering shimmering green curtain auroras over my Uppsala. Now that’s bright & beautiful night science.
Northern Lights over Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden - 19:00 Sun 17 Mar 2013  Northern Lights next to Uppsala Castle, Sweden - 19:00 Sun 17 Mar 2013
Lights Lover Brady 🙂

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